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$20 and $10 prizes available for quick French quiz review

08-09-2014, 10:00 PM
Reviewed as chain94net in US Appstore. Thanks for the contest!
08-09-2014, 10:19 PM
Reviewed the app as ZGMFreedom on the US AppStore. Cheers!

08-09-2014, 11:47 PM
Submitted my review as Chandler2200 in the US App Store. Thank you for the contest!
08-10-2014, 11:24 AM
Many thanks and last call for entries...!

Many thanks for everyone's interest so far. Just a last call-- if anybody else is thinking of submitting a review, you should probably get it in in the next couple of hours so that it shows up on the developer portal by the time I come to review.

Good luck!
08-10-2014, 06:58 PM
Left a review as fongerz! in the US app store. Thanks for the contest.

Now we are cosmic friends forever, ok?
08-11-2014, 05:04 AM
Reviewed as SupercrazYTA on the USAppStore. Thanks for the contest.
08-12-2014, 09:08 AM

Many thanks for all that took part. First and second prizes as follows:

- nfang (fongerz!) is awarded the first prize of $20 -- but hasn't yet responded to my PM -- nfang if you're there, please respond to my message you so you can claim your prize!
- spoosh (friedchick3n) is awarded the second prize of $10, and has confirmed that they've redeemed their prize

I'll be sending out PMs soon about consolation prizes. If the first prize winner doesn't claim their prize in a couple of days, I'll re-allocate.

Thanks again for everyone's interest and I look forward to seeing your entries at my next competition!
08-12-2014, 09:29 AM
Congratulations to the winners.
08-12-2014, 11:18 AM
Thanks again!
08-12-2014, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the contest, just successfully redeemed the gift card.

Now we are cosmic friends forever, ok?