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Getting Cloned - DISLIKE!

07-30-2013, 07:39 AM
Getting Cloned - DISLIKE!

They say that you know your game is popular, once it starts getting rip-off clones made of it.
Well, then I guess I've finally hit the big time, because just 2.5 years after SpikeDislike hit the AppStore, someone's finally decided to rip it off. (... Kinda wish I had some decent sales-figures to accompany that, but.. meh.. whatever!!)

It was inevitable, really.

When I first launched SpikeDislike, within about a week a much nicer "single button" game appeared, called "Tiny Wings".
I admired Tiny Wings a lot.
Sure, it was a completely different game, but artistically it was GORGEOUS!
In the back of my head was a little voice going "wow, if someone with half-a-talent could clone SpikeDislike, and make it look like that, it'd be AWESOME!!"

But they never did.

SpikeDislike2 appeared in March, and I took some time battling against my own artistic issues.
Would the sequel attempt to look "Gorgeous", or would I stick to the style of the original.
My laziness, and general lack of talent, caused me to stick to the original style.
Aw well, it's a "brand" I suppose!!

Imagine my delight, then, when this week I finally found a clone in the AppStore.
Hurray, I thought, finally someone's taken their time to make a lovely edition of my game.
I instantly downloaded it, and .. .. oh..

Youtube link | Pop Up

Let's start with the obvious.
Even MY version looks better than that!
The clone is quite obviously cobbled together in less time than it generally takes me to cobble together a game. .. and trust me.. that is NOT a very long time!

As well as hideously bad graphics, the clone inexplicably manages to strip out the one, single redeeming feature of SpikeDislike.
It takes out the Combo.

The whole game rests on the power of the combo, and yet.. Oddly. It's gone!

The cloner obviously took an ounce of time to bother adding in collectables, so quite why they stripped out the entire point of the game is beyond me.

And then there's all those things that I hate.. IAP stuff, and pop-up annoying advertising all over the place.

Really, as much as I'd've loved a clone, this really is one of the worst cases I've ever seen in my life.
I've played some rubbish. Heck, I've MADE some rubbish. But this isn't even bottom of the barrel..
This is the warped, half-broken shelf that the barrel's sitting on..

I'm really ashamed that this clone exists.

Note to cloners : Do a better job. This is a disgrace.


Obligatory Spammy Bit..

You can grab SpikeDislike2 Lite for free, or buy the bigger/better/awesomier SpikeDislike2 in the iOS AppStore, or even in the GooglePlay store.

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07-30-2013, 07:58 AM
Please let us know what you think about our apps by reviewing them in the iTunes store
Open invitation there then!
07-30-2013, 08:02 AM
..curiously, the review I posted on Sunday hasn't appeared.. hmmm..

All my current Apps from SpikeDislike, to Sheep Goes Left, Puzzobomb, NeonPlat and more!!