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06-09-2014, 01:56 AM
Pigeon Striker - PNR Mobile

Hey guys,

Long time Touch Arcade lurker and iOS developer here.

A friend and I made a simple, silly, Breakout-inspired soccer-themed game in honor of the upcoming World Cup called "Pigeon Striker". This is our first attempt at making a game on any platform, so we thought we'd just put something simple together for fun. Some screenshots are included in the attachments below.

It's currently waiting for review with Apple and we're expecting based on the recent Apple review times for it to be live by Tuesday or Wednesday this week for free. If I get a chance before it launches, I'll make a quick gameplay video.

How the gameplay works: you swipe up to put the ball into play and try to hit pigeons as they fly by while dodging the eggs they drop on you. Unlike a traditional Breakout game, you don't lose by letting the ball get past you; instead, you're able to put the ball back into play but you lose the score multiplier/combo you got by keeping the ball in the air. There's a hint of gravity added, so there are some physics involved for the ball's movement and the eggs dropping.

Here's what'll be our App Store description:

"Celebrate the soccer mania with this silly soccer-themed, pigeon-battling arcade game!

- Destroy evil birds with your soccer ball and dodge out of the way of their eggs
- Keep the ball in the air to increase your multiplier and score additional combo points
- Challenge your friends to get the highest score"

FYI, for those interested we used SpriteKit and my friend has some experience drawing pixel art. Looking forward to any feedback once it's live, and of course to see who can get scores better than ours
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