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The flames of war affect us all...
Introducing a serious fantasy RPG filled with the dramatic stories of soldiers!
Kruz is an Imperial soldier that has uncovered the lie behind a mission to suppress the Rebel Army and discovers the ugly truth the Imperial Army is hiding behind.

Continuing the legacy of a fallen comrade, he defects from the Imperial Army and joins the Freedom Fighters.

Kruz is devoted to fighting battles where the ideals and pride of a nation and its people are on the line...

A grand tale of fleeting memories and the lives of soldiers
Kruz leads the independent mobile unit Chrom Wolf.
They devote themselves to being at the forefront for the Freedom Fighters.
Follow them on their journey as they seek revenge, atonement, justice, and ideals...

Blow your enemies away in a tank!!!
Jump in a tank to defeat enemies that gave you trouble while on foot!
Enjoy fierce cannon fights when going up against other tanks, where each decision will affect the tide of battle.
Form your own team!
Each class has weapons they can equip, skills to learn, and different stats.
Change classes to create a party that suits your style.
*This game does not require in-app purchases to finish the game.

(C)2012-2013 KEMCO/MAGITEC

PeteOzzy's comments:

01-06-2014, 01:48 PM
I'm actually amazed that apart from KEMCO, no other RPG developer used customizable tanks in their games for a long time now , I still have fond memories of Metal Max.
01-06-2014, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ojtitus View Post
Yeah, I picked it up and I am enjoying it very much so far. There has been a lot of reading in my first hour of gameplay but I do like the class system and the customizable tanks that can be used in most battles outside of underground areas and fortress areas.
Thanks... All i needed. Bought!

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01-06-2014, 04:06 PM
Why does it seem that these games come out every week? 0.0 same art style all have RPG in their name wtf
01-06-2014, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by Ramaz1234 View Post
Why does it seem that these games come out every week? 0.0 same art style all have RPG in their name wtf
Because they like to make money and earn a living Plus, even though it seems like there are releases once a week, there are still way too few RPGs on ios, and folks will snap them up simply because there's so little competition.
01-06-2014, 09:36 PM
I'll be picking this up tomorrow.
01-06-2014, 11:22 PM
Just found out I have jury duty tomorrow!!! So I get to stay up a little later tonight. Yep. No more getting up at 4 am....I'll be getting up at 8 am. Point of that story? Well now I get to try this lovely game out for an hour or 2 instead of going to bed. If I don't fall asleep with my phone in hand then I'll post impressions. Chances are I will though, so look for it tomorrow.
01-07-2014, 01:05 AM
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lol another Kemco RPG to follow soon. Already out on Android too. Journey to Kreisia.

Could someone talk more about the class system and battles?

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01-11-2014, 11:52 AM
Game opens up more once you reach mission hq and start accepting quests and whatnot. Enjoying it so far, pretty good dialogue, and the modern coat with guns and tanks is nice little switch up. Unicornians holding rifles, that's as modern as it gets!!! Haven't delved into the class changing yet but the different arms and emblems seem pretty interesting, and everything levels as well. Not bad!

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