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Old 09-04-2014, 01:19 PM
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Default Great Game!

80 Days was the first Inkle game I ever played and I really like it -- good work to the 4 person development team! I love how even though it seems simple, there's a lot of variability in getting all of the achievements and all. With a lot of work, I was able to make it through the world in 39 days but it certainly wasn't simple at all ([url][/url])

Looking forward to play Sorcery 1 & 2!
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Old Yesterday, 12:21 PM
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Default Wow!

As an avid app gamer this app is by far one of the greatest I have ever played. The amount of detail that Inkle has packed into this game is remarkable. So far I have travelled around the world eighteen times and counting and I'm astounded that new events are still in the aplenty. I like to take my time and explore all the story lines which unfortunately means Fogg loses his bet a lot . It's amazing how an item you picked up in your suitcase can affect storyline a much farther down the road. An artificers medallion you picked up early in the game can completely shift your travels in a different content. There are so many items to pick up ( Buddha's tooth anyone?) so many different stories it's amazing. I would also like to applaud Inkle on the setting of the 80 days world. All the story lines mesh together so nicely and the steampunk twist makes the game even more fun! The artwork is also great the illustration of the moving city is absolutely fantastic!

I know other travelers on this forum were talking about the Americas being a bottleneck and I have to Agree. There are SO many adventures to be had in Europe and a lot in Asia but in the Americas the routes you can take are much fewer. I have noticed on the 80 days map there are a lot of towns ie Salvador Buenos Aires that seem unreachable. I hope Inkle are planning on adding routes to these towns In a later update ( or maybe they are reachable and I haven't found out yet). I also encourage Inkle to add routes in Canada ( Russia to Alaska would be fun). I only noticed this bottleneck after my eighth loop around the world and it only decorates from the game if you have played it a bunch.

Finally does anyone know how to get to mount Elbrus or the guy who travels to the center of the earth? I have hit all the major story lines except for these to and it's driving me crazy!!! Some help would be appreciated

Thanks To Inkle for making this spectacular game!
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Old Today, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by DoubleDeuce View Post
does anyone know how to get to mount Elbrus or the guy who travels to the center of the earth? I have hit all the major story lines except for these to and it's driving me crazy!!!
I'm afraid I can't help you with Mount Elbrus, but if you want to meet the man who travels to the center of the earth, •••Spoiler:  you have to go to Katriania, but not through Cambridge. Just go to Paris first normally, then up the coast from there. Then you can meet him there. If you suggest that he go to Reykjavik, you can then meet him again in Reykjavik later in that same run, on your way back to London.

If someone could help me with the following story lines, I would really appreciate it:

Find love waiting in London (apparently you have to get your picture in the paper, and get stranded in the Amazon, neither of which I've been able to do.)

Save the submariner's life in Brisbane who is looking for a bone-setter. (The least bad result I've obtained so far is letting her know that the newspaper office is in Brisbane, after going to Moreton Bay and losing the letter... But it seems there must be a better ending than that. I've tried manipulating my conversation with the maid at the hotel for a way to get a better result with the submariner, but so far no dice.)

Getting into Belgrade.

It's kind of crazy how little help can be found online for this game!
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First, I would like to thanks Inkle for such a great game! I'm really hooked with 80 Days.

To get to Belgrade: •••Spoiler:   On the train from Paris to Vienna, stay in observation desk, Help De Blowitz with his trunks, follow him and during eavesdropping of conversation, ask him where the army is going to. Then once in Vienna, steal the flute which can control automaton soldiers from an Artificer, then while staying in hotel, listen in to conversation of people about the train going to Istanbul via Belgrade. Then while getting to military train, either show the flute or pay if you don't have the flute. Once in Belgrade, you can choose to give the flute to Pavel to help with the war.

To get to Mt Elbrus: •••Spoiler:   First in Minsk, meet the journalist who's in love with the dancer and talk to him until he told you that the dancer is going from Novorossysk to Tehran. Then from Odessa, go to Istanbul. Then from Istanbul, sail to Novorossyk. When you talk to dancer, mention about the journalist until she said she would like to meet Dmitri again and ask to stop at Mt Elbrus.

To find automaton with the soul: •••Spoiler:   from Timbuktu to Marakesh, you will find her.

Anybody can help with find love in London? Or how to get lost in Amazon? Based on Inkle's Twitter, it seems •••Spoiler:   Goland will find Passepartout in London based on Mr Quispe's picture in the news. Followed Goland to Urga, but she doesn't want to meet Passepartout and Met Mr Quispe from Lima to Tabatinga, but he didn't take Passepartout's picture. I've also tried to go to Tabatinga via Panama city and Bogota by stealing steam shovel. But still can't get lost in Amazon or meet with Quispe. .

Also, are there any interesting storyline related to lady with red head in Kabul? Or the missing train before Venice?

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Default Thanks

Thanks v911 and moondog. You've saved me tons of trips! Next ill try to find love in London. I know you can get your picture taken with Fogg when you are aboard the walking city. Maybe you have to get that to the newspaper in new Zealand?
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Missing train before Venice: •••Spoiler:  I've figured out the bar car is taken out in the mountain tunnel, the lady in the car gets off in Venice (and walks off with a man with a red braid,) and, if you stay on the train and don't get off in Venice, you find out that the bar car was filled with blueprints. I don't know if you can find her if you get off in Venice - I've done bunches with Fiametta the gondola lady but I've yet to find the train lady.

As for Finding Love in London, I keep thinking that a lot depends on •••Spoiler:  Passepartout's character description when you get to Lima, as in he's "zealous," "old-fashioned," "suave," etc. I've noticed that I only get certain dialog options when Passepartout is "zealous" vs. "old-fashioned."

I wish there was a way to check on Passepartout's character. Does anyone know how many things he can be? I can remember seeing:


Any others?
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