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Splashy fish...missed opportunity?

02-13-2014, 12:58 PM
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Haha you are quite the optimist! Isn't the current rate that 1000 apps/day are released? Do you think there is a new "angry birds" released every 20 days, I sure don't. I would say maybe 2 a year. So that would mean for every mega hit there are 150,000 other apps! And when was the last one-man mega hit like flappy bird? minecraft? Those odds are in the millions...

Originally Posted by suppoman View Post
Every idea is derived from another, Splashy fish is the same concept as Flappy bird but different character, different design, different obstacles... but its a proven concept. So as for originality... not many ideas are completely original.

Lets face it, its better to make $50k a day than it is to make enough from an app to buy a beer or two for your friends. And with $50k a day, and all the press attention, you have a platform and a marketing budget to launch an app into the stratosphere.

I am all for living in a perfect world where we can make millions for an original idea, like Snapchat or Angry birds, but in reality, for every 1 Angry birds game, there are 20,000 apps which get nowhere, lost in some limbo where they cant be found by the hundreds of millions of iphone users.

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