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08-07-2012, 07:55 PM
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I'm loving Glowfish HD, but I'm currently stuck... Any idea how to complete Leviathan Reef, Level 30 (Stage 3, level 10) with four stars? I'm missing 6 friends, no matter what I seem to do.

This is the level that rewards you with the Leatherbacks chum. According to the end score counter, I've killed all the enemies, I've found the single secret area, I've collected all the coins, but I'm still short 6 friends. Hint? Tips?

Edit: I asked on MumboJumbo's Facebook page and they had this to say in response to my question:

Diane, this level is a little tricky! If you defeat Leatherbacks but don’t have all your friends in your possession, the level can end before you have a chance to collect them all. The section at the end has enemies everywhere, so it’s easy to get hit and drop some, then if you don’t have all of the dropped friends, the level can end and not reward you as saving all of them.
Guess I'll be at this for a while then, as those end-level baddies are pretty brutal!

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06-27-2013, 04:24 PM
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I know this answer is really late but I came across this post when I ran into the same problem. I was going back into the level with Leatherbacks. That rose the number of friends required to 45. When I picked another glowchum, it lowered the number of friends to 39 and I was able to get all of them.