App description: Jelly Fruit is UNIQUE arcade game, where you are making fruit jelly. Catch juicy fruits and powerups while avoiding nasty bugs.

- UNIQUE GAMEPLAY never seen before!
- Amazing HD-graphics!
- Various game mechanics, such as wind or freezing!
- 3 gameplay modes!
- 48 delicious pudding recipes!
- Upgrade shop full of cool stuff!
- Addictive hardcore gameplay mode for skilled players! Rain of bugs will make you run for cover!
- Upgrade your pudding to maximum level!
- Tons of juicy fruits and limitless fun!
- Excellent game for boys and girls, kids and their parents, for the whole family!
- Awesome strawberry, lemon, watermelon, orange, grape, pear, pineapple, apple, kiwi and pomegranate!

Create and break records, compete with your friends, become ultimate jelly master!

Press & hold anywhere on the screen to make jelly liquid and catch fruits and powerups. Lift your finger to make jelly solid and avoid bugs.

This universal application has HD-graphics optimized for Retina displays.

pkivalin's comments:

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Jelly Fruit is a one-touch-arcade game, where player is trying to cook a jelly by filling it with fruits, while avoiding pesky bugs. The player's goal is to let fruits pass and not allow bugs to fall into the jelly. The controls are very simple. Touching anywhere on the screen activates jelly - it becomes liquid and starts passing fruits and bugs. When the player stops touching the screen - the jelly becomes solid, so fruits and bugs rebound from it’s surface.

Unique gameplay
3 game modes
48 recipes of tasty jelly
6 additional mechanics in recipe mode
Upgrade shop, allowing to reach new heights in the game


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Hello! My name is Pavel Kivalin. Some time ago I was sitting in Social Quantum office working on another farm game for social networkes. Suddenly I was struck with an idea of creating my own game. Being unable to compete with AAA giants like Clash of Clans, I decided to create a simple but fun time-killing game. After a brainstorm with my wife Elvira and my friend Andrey we decided to create a game about making a Fruit Jelly, where player must catch juicy fruits while avoiding nasty bugs.
By a lucky coincidence my wife turned out to be an artist from Creat Studios and my friend - a game designer from Wargaming. So be it! I quit the job and started my own project. In order to burn the bridges I decided to move with my wife from St. Petersburg to exotic Thailand. The adventure began!
And now after several months of hard work we are ready to release our game - Jelly Fruit! It available for free downloading from Appstore and Google Play.
03-19-2014, 02:09 AM

New version 1.3 now available! HD Fruits!