Faraway Kingdom - (by Dinocooler)[Universal][Limited Release]

04-06-2013, 12:38 PM
Faraway Kingdom - (by Dinocooler)[Universal][Limited Release]

A far, faraway land nobody has ever seen. Be the great king of the Faraway Kingdom – protect the world from scary monsters and make your kingdom prosper!

▶ Heroes from all over the world come to serve your kingdom.

Lots and lots of heroes – all with different names, different looks, and different destinies – knock on your kingdom gate to fight for you.

▶ Make your kingdom grow bigger and bigger.

Expand your kingdom to build beautiful houses for your heroes.

▶ Go into the dungeon deeper and deeper.

Every new dungeon floor you explore will amaze you with new monsters. Guess what dungeon will appear next?

▶ Meet epic heroes in dungeons.

Explore dungeons to meet epic heroes and make them fight for your kingdom.

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