"HappyFly want's to die" on iOS and Android [Universal]

04-21-2013, 05:02 AM
"HappyFly want's to die" on iOS and Android [Universal] (by daddelbox GmbH)

Hello toucharcade readers

We recently released "HappyFly want's to die" for iOS and Android.


It's fun to play. In this casual game your challenge is to smash as much flies as possible.


If you play it on a tablet device keep in mind that that device is multitouch and you can play with more than one player at one. 4 or 6 hands can smash more flies.

Bored traveling in the subway, tram or train? Just play it and have some fun.

The game is free.

We are a small indy game company based in Switzerland and we like to make fun games.
You might also like our other game Frank the Fish.

We would like to get your feedback / or likes...
Please tell your friends about this game - We would really appreciate it.

Have fun and make some flies happy

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