App description: Battle for the glory! Join Power Disc tournament, choose your preferred character and try to prevail!
Power Disc is an arcade futuristic sport disc game based, designed for touch systems, catchy and user friendly control system.
Six international skilled characters with special powers and individual moves compete in six different stadiums.
Play against your friends sharing the same device, find your opponent online or join the arcade tournament.

Power Disc, from the creators of Active Soccer!

TheFoxSoft's comments:
Hi guys,
I have just released the free version of Power Disc. The game is fully playable, with extra characters purchasable in app.
Power Disc is a remake of Windjammers a Neo Geo game released in '90s, designed for touch screen controls.


07-07-2014, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by stlredbird View Post
What's the difference between paid and free versions? Is everything already unlocked in the free version?
In the paid version each players are unlocked as soon you defeat all the players in a certain arena.
In the free version characters are unlockable only via inapp.

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Power Disc a cool futuristic sport game

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