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01-02-2015, 06:38 PM
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...Did my opponent just survive having no cards left? That would explain why I can't do anything. It would be their turn but they have no cards to take their turn with...

I think what I read was, with no cards left in your deck you take "5 - (number of cards in hand)" damage on your turn. And I think I saw them take 5 damage, so... Nothing left...
They had a single HP left.

Well, I closed the game and tried again. Nothing else to do.
...The "give up?" prompt's button still worked, but I was winning.

For some reason I can't access the developer's website to find their email and tell them about this... something wrong?

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01-02-2015, 11:54 PM
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Does sound odd.
I haven't had that happen yet, although that is rather a part of my strategy.

I've basically found that I've kept my starter deck allocation and just changed cards here and there accordingly to tweak it.
I've found the strategy that's worked so far for me is to just build a deck with always more cards then my opponent. Then just survive until they start drawing no cards and their HP because to zero because of that. Which is why I'm a bit surprised I haven't seen your problem yet.

I don't defeat my opponent by attacking their HP either. I disable their cards, or if they play anti-disable, then a bit of both.

And that's where I'll say, while this game has kept my attention, I am using the one deck and playing the same strategy so far. No idea how far through I am, but I do see my self seeing this one out, because despite that, I do like it.

I love winning booster packs and seeing what's in them, and if there is just that one card that might tweak my deck.
This game is awesome in that it's sort of a light on story, and after battles you can get booster packs. Love it. Not sure there really is a card game on iOS with that booster pack winning thing going on. MTG? Doesn't quite do it like that. Hearthstone...coins or dust unless arena does? But that's not story progression. Shadow era? Coins. Seriously...what games are there that give boosters, and repeatable booster matches at that within the story?
01-03-2015, 08:36 AM
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[...]Which is why I'm a bit surprised I haven't seen your problem yet.
Well, they'd need to be lucky enough and have enough healing during their last 5 turns to survive 1+2+3+4+5= 15 damage.

So they'd need something like 10 HP to start, and two defense combos with three defense cards, with the first combo partly set up before their last 5 turns since that's 6 turns for two combos... that's only assuming normal cards, though, but still. It would take a bit of luck and the right cards in their deck.

Like I said, I'm not entirely sure I saw them take 5 damage at the end. I was, sort of, watching TV at the same time.
But this would explain why my turn wasn't working...

I forgot to mention, my opponent was Scientist, in the card alchemy lab.
They aren't available for a rematch, at least not immediately after defeating them, and I don't really feel like trying to trigger this again anyway. Of course, setting up my own defense-filled deck would be a possibility... but I just feel like continuing the game right now.
01-11-2015, 11:10 AM
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Well... I just managed to survive with no cards to play. And I lost with a message stating that.
So... Huh. Not sure what happened back there, unless the AI didn't lose properly when it happened to them...
03-20-2015, 09:51 AM
Hey guys, I just found this thread today! ^^ I'm from Ludosity, the developers behind this. Fun to see so many comments, and glad you generally seem to like it!

We actually haven't closed down development on this game, but our plans for it are a bit unusual: between every other game we work on, we plan to add stuff from that game to CCN, along with some nice new features. So right now we're working on Ittle Dew 2 and so when that is out, expect an update to CCn with new cards and new features (new modes probably).

Who knows what CCN is in 10 years time =)