App description: 3D SRPG Sardonyx Tactics!

Supported Devices
iPhone: Supports iPhone4 and up (Doesnt support 3GS and previous iPhones.)
iPad: Supports iPad2 and up
iPod Touch: Supports the 4th generation and up
Supports Retina Display

After the Great War between the Heroes and the Devil, the supply of energy has been reducing and magic has been degenerating for reasons unknown. However, people adjusted to this and peaceful days continued on.
In a small village called Westwood, is an average boy named Edward. Edward is in agony from dreaming dreams he cant understand. Edward and his best friends, Dyllis and Lena, join a vigilante group and head towards the Magic College in order to stop the sudden increase in monsters

Multiple Scenarios
As you progress through the game, players can change the results and outcomes of a scenario and the ending by choosing different choices in the game. The fate of the continent will be decided on your choices. Experience more than 70 original stages!

15 Characters, 7 different classes
Play as a Warrior, Martial Artist, Swordsman, Thief, Archer, Mage, and Priest among 13 characters. 12 comrades can join you in your journey and you can enter up to 6 characters in battle. Use the different abilities from each class to win in battle!

Touch-Optimized Interface
Optimized operation for smart devices!
Easy to operate with a simple touch.
11-06-2013, 10:51 PM
thanks square zero for the recommendation, enjoying this srpg.

Favorite mobile RTS: Autumn Dynasty, Amoebattle & Red Conquest
Great TBS/SRPGs: Wesnoth, Battle Academy, Kingturn, Pantheon Cycle, Dungeon Crawlers, SW&E, Viking Lords, Metal Brigade Tactics, Tactical Soldier, Ravenmark, Tactics Maiden and Banner Saga

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