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"The style is completely intuitive to pick up and start playing in an instant" - Trevor Sheridan, AppleNApps

"I love the game because of the addictive gameplay mechanic, simple and charming visuals, and upbeat tunes." - Christine Chan, AppAdvice

"Frantic, endless fun for people who like a challenge." - Evan Killham, Cult of Mac


Breakbeat Alley a music-driven reimagination of the brick breaker genre for touchscreen devices where your fingertips are the paddles.

Turn out the lights, put on your favorite pair of headphones and lose yourself in trance-inducing gameplay and mesmerizing visual effects choreographed to over 50 minutes of electronic music.

Use multitouch to juggle limitless balls at once and aim each one with laser precision.

And you'll need to. Because the bricks are coming at you ever faster and if they reach the Red Line of Death, it's curtains.

And curtains it will be, over and over again. But before long, you will be banking impossible shots and scoring huge color-matching combos amidst a frenzied tapfest of light and sound, and it is then that you will reach blissful, brick-breaking nirvana.

Welcome to the Alley.

* Breakbeat Alley features:

- Intuitive yet frantically challenging 3D brick-breaking gameplay
- Gorgeous 3D visual effects hand-choreographed to over 50 minutes of electronic music
- Fully customizable playlistfine tune your game around your favorite songs!
- Universal, Game Center, and iCloud support. Play and compare your scores with your friends across all your devices
- A whole list of global statistics. See how the world shatters!

JustinFic's comments:
Update: Shatter Alley hits the App Store tonight, and is already going live in some countries! Promo codes are below if you want to try the game today!


Hey TouchArcade,

My name is Justin Fic of Dojotron, a one-man independent game studio in Las Vegas. I'm happy to announce and reveal my first game for iOS, called Shatter Alley.

Shatter Alley is a music-driven reimagination of Breakout for touchscreen devices. Instead of controlling a paddle, you will use your fingertips to hit balls back into play and smash a neverending wall of bricks that is always coming at you.

The game could be quickly described as a mashup between Breakout, Lumines, and Ikaruga. The whole game pulses and beats to music and uses different skins for each track, and balls will penetrate through same-color bricks for huge combos.

Shatter Alley features:
  • • Frantic 3D brick breaking action — designed so any player regardless of skill can enter a heightened state of Flow within seconds and stay there for hours
  • • Gorgeous visual effects hand-choreographed to over 50 minutes of electronic music, ranging from trance to chill and a few tracks that are just wacky
  • • Fully customizable playlist — rearrange the songs you like, disable the ones you don't
  • • Universal App with Game Center and iCloud support
  • • Global statistics, with global achievements.
  • • Distraction free — no IAP, no coins, no upgrades, no missions, no Twitter/Facebook prompts, just 100% pure unadulterated gameplay
Shatter Alley has already been approved by Apple, and will go live this Thursday, April 10. The price will be $2.99 (no IAP.)

Check out the trailer:


I'll be happy to answer any questions you guys have about the game, and would love to hear your comments/feedback. Thanks for checking out Shatter Alley!
04-11-2014, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Spaztika View Post
I'm really loving this game! I can completely zone into it when wearing headphones.

The only thing I really struggle with is losing track of balls when they are as dark as the background, but that could just be me not being able to keep up.

The music is fantastic!
Thanks so much! What level(s) do you find it hard to see the balls on?

Current Project: Shatter Alley
04-11-2014, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by JustinFic View Post
Thanks so much! What level(s) do you find it hard to see the balls on?
No problem!

I just played all the levels again and the levels that were a bit harder to see the balls in were Tunered and Blue Grass. It's only when they go dark, dark brown. I don't find it too big of a deal, it just gets really confusing.. But that's normal in these sorts of games and adds to the challenge, I think!

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