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Old 08-13-2014, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
EDIT: LOL... read the previous posts and it seems the Kickstarter failed, which caused Happybyte to throw whatever "ranting" Psj meant, and then upped John Mad Run to a buck instead.
Look at my above post.

Price change isn't related to KS fail.

I waited for quite a while so everyone who wanted to download the game did it and daily downloads lowered to almost zero downloads a day - then it became more or less time to use a price drop to get the game noticed on sites that track price drops.

Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
Dont get me wrong its difficult for indie devs out there. But i buy a LOT of games but i'm not a kickstarter fan. Quite happy to buy a game when its out but i dont see the need to donate more money towards a kickstarter. I just want to buy the app from the app store, i dont want to pay $15 AUD for it as thats heading towards premium priced apps.

Your game could get a fair few sales but i've seen lots of failed kickstarters for iOS apps.

But i dont think ranting about people not supporting the kickstarter is the right way to do it. I dont care for PC/Mac etc, i just want an iOS app. Premium priced games do sell, but not every kickstarter succeeds.
I do apologize if my earlies posts did sound like ranting.

It was just that feeling, frustration and so on. I do agree with you. And I understand all that.

A game of your dreams that you are making for more than a year and into which you invested significatnly more thatn $100k of your own money doesn't get that attention that you was expecting from forums and successful Greenlight passing.

Then a much simplier game that you did in a week or two becomes a hit and gets 1M users (in just a few days), and brings you impressive amount of money.

All that make you to take thought.

So, premium Joan version will be a real test that will show if premium games still have a chance.

Also - do not worry about the final Joan price.

It will be much lower than $15 that were on KS - I think about the range of $1.99 or $4.99 (depends).

KS rewards were listed with higher amounts because of a few things - pledges on KS were claculated in that way so we could deliver the promised without going into minus.

I thought that KS philosophy is not about selling yet about helping developers make things happen.

So, each KS pledge did include all worst case expenses that we could make to deliver the promised.

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