App description: Enroll now in this post apocalyptic driving school!

Driver's Ed is a spinoff of Zombie Highway that puts your driving skills to the test.

Complete scored runs on a zombie filled driving course. Watch your skills improve and scores increase as you rack up cash to buy upgrades for your car and other gadgets!

String together epic combos of scrapes, kills and more! But, watch out! Mistakes like scraping a barrier that were once harmless will now end your combo and reduce your score.

Channel your skills to accomplish diverse objectives, or compete for the top score/combo/kills on Game Center!

Experience an all new road complete with turns, and environment change, with massively improved visuals and car dynamics. Explore the fully interactive 3D menu that's like nothing else on the app store.

Join the fight.

Enroll today.


Best played on iPhone4S, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPod 5 or better.
Only for iOS.

Sanuku's comments:

10-29-2013, 09:25 AM
love this :-)

Loved the first ZH, and I really like being able to focus on the driving here. Playing on ipad 2, and the controls are perfect. The upgrades are done perfectly too ... initial balancing is fine, and just the right difference with each upgrade, as well as just enough challenge about earning money, and it is easy to earn ... real respect for not filling the app with iap's, and that the game is so playable without even having to think of iap's. Great game! If I had one little request it would be about sometimes I seem to clip a barrier I didn't think I'd caught ... I think someone mentioned earlier about a little chunk on the bottom of the barrier? ... it might just be my driving, lol, but just mentioning it incase, as I have been surprised a few times, when seeing I haven't caught the top of the barrier at all, to still lose combo streak.
Fantastic game; thanks for it! Bigging it up on iTunes too! :-)

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