App description: The world comes crashing down. All streets are overflowing with zombies. People scream and hide in the corners waiting for death to come. You aren't like them. You are different. Grab a weapon from anti zombi arsenal and stand up to rescue the world. Stop the chaos. Stop the zombie invasion. Put your finger on the trigger and enter the world of dangerous zombie apocalypse.
Z-end is an online fps shooter, that blurs borders between PvE and PvP. Decide for yourself if you want to be a team player or a lone wolf against the army of zombies. In either way, never give up. Shoot all zombies down. Remember: good zombie is dead zombie.

You gonna have a bloody day saving the world:
- various types of zombies. There's no place for boredom. No need to yearn.
- an impressive arsenal of weapons. No limitations for a real fight!
- good armour sets to help you to survive and win the war
- the blend of shooter and survival game genres. Man, you gonna have a day of your life!
- fight to the end and get a new rank.

Still here? The world is waiting for you. Go and kill all zombies. You are a real zombie hunter . The world trusts in you.
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Originally Posted by Quazonk View Post
Ok Jack, you can quit sprinting around the room with your arms flailing, screaming "It doesn't exist!" now. Just because you can't find a game in your local App Store does not mean that the game was never made and that it must not exist. This thread was not put here to trick us. There is nobody giggling at our confused replies. The game exists. Have patience.
Um, calm down. People are just saying its not in the App Store right now. No one is actually making a big deal about it but you.

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