App description: 100 million downloads RPG!!
Truly Enjoyable Action RPG !!!

Countless dungeons for infinite Challenge!
-Dungeon Challenges for various missions and bonuses!!
-Try to get high score with different tactics and strategies.

Experience Stylish Actions!
-Four unique job classes are ready for your choice!
-Fully customizable weapons and training skills for each Job class
-Upgradable Action styles and Power attack for each Job class

Fight with the powerful summon monster, Blade!!
-Strategic gameplay is possible with the powerful summon monster Blade! Summon the Blade to fight at your side!!
-The skills each Blade has will make the player more powerful!

Infinite weapons and armors!!
-Try different weapons and armors to change your heros costume.
-Challenge and Loot the best items.
-Customize your weapons and armors by inserting Runes and using Upgrade stone.

More contents!
-Share items by Stash
-Over 300 monsters
-Quick travel through waypoints.
-All of this and more is waiting to be discovered!!

The Stone of Life was known to have the power of ancient spirits. A war broke out over the stone, one wanted to take control of it but the other wanted to keep the stone hidden. Ingnis, the defender of the Stone of Life won the war and two thousand years passed. Necrosis, once the pursuer of the power of Stone of Life, starts to seek the power.

Who is going to stop them? You are the only one to help Ingnis to prevent the war again.

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Vovin's comments:

Yes. Finally. I am downloading very much this!
That was hard, refreshing the Appstore evey minute since yesterday evening...

Trailer: check the upcoming thread:

Sanuku gameplay video:

06-15-2014, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by eaglech View Post
i am changing my phone to a NEW Android phone
both phones are Android system.

can i still continue my S.O.L game progress in old phone to New phone?

how to do that Oddy Arts ?
lol jk

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09-08-2014, 10:52 AM
i just started playing this game. can someone tell me where do i find the last dungeon in package 2. it says South of Retineo
12-04-2014, 01:23 AM
Can i get help with dungeon package 9 called "evils attack" where you have to protect the stone? On the 17 th wave theres 3 demon that blocks all magic. Physical does pitiful damage so does the booby trap. I had set plenty of traps down where it would usually be enough to kill the block all mahic enemy on the 1st arena challenge. But it makes no dent to their health in this one?
How do you go about fighting all this block all magic enemies?

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