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04-19-2014, 01:21 PM
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Whoops nevermind

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04-19-2014, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by JCho133 View Post
Yeah I'm on the same boat, it's like a diverging path on how you decide to deal with them. Going upside down may be easier, but you may be in a less than optimal position for the next obstacle once the rings end. Heck, you could be In the more optimal position by going under. It's player choice, and I like it.
Actually after playing a little more, I sometimes find it harder to go outside the rings. Sure you have more room for error side-to-side, but I also sometimes find it harder to see what the rings are about to do when I'm outside them, especially when I end up on the outside of a curve. When I'm inside the rings, I find them one of the easier obstacles to get through.

Overall, I like this game better than some other twitch games like Super Hexagon or Wave Wave. I wouldn't say there's anything objectively better or harder about it. It's just that, call me shallow, but visuals matter a lot to me, and quite aside from the gameplay I just love the feeling of flying along the pipes barely in control, and the sci fi look of everything. I didn't care for the visuals of SH or WW, and don't get any special kind of sensation from playing them, so they just got frustrating too quickly for me. I guess I'm not competitive enough to really care about trying to beat leaderboards or anything like that, so the experience itself has to be enjoyable to keep me playing.

04-19-2014, 01:41 PM
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Just got this game today. Connector recommended it and it is quite fantastic to say the least!
04-19-2014, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by Bronxsta View Post
Proun, Boost 2, Synesthetic, Unpossible, the upcoming Tail Drift...all revolve around a similar mechanic: rotating around a tubular track while avoiding obstacles. You could go as far as to argue that Super Hexagon is the ultra minimalist version of this concept. Are these games clones of eachother? No, not anymore than a game that has swipe combat is a clone of Infinity Blade. Just because a game shares a similar concept doesn't make it a clone. Inspired, yes. Influenced, yes. But other than that basic link, Unpossible is nothing like Proun. Proun is a level based speedrunner where you can race your ghosts to improve your times, in a variety of different levels with complete control over your sphere

This trend of damning games as clones due to the slightest similarities such as controls or concept really needs to stop. It just does a disservice to these games and muddles the definition of what a real clone/rip-off is

Do you know why roguelikes are called "roguelikes"? Because they are like Rogue, the game that set the foundations for the genre. Are games that share these similar mechanics but are different in execution, aesthetic, etc. clones of each other?
Thanks for all the thoughts, comments, and discussions here everybody. Sorry I haven't been able to keep up - it's been a crazy zoo since launch.

I'm happy to share what influenced this game, but it's a long blog post that I haven't started yet. Here's a quick & dirty version:

Boost3d/Boost2 - This was the first game I remember playing in the tube-riding dodging genre. I've tweeted it's praises for years. Wonderful game.

Nuts! by Limbic. I LOVE this game. It was the second game that I remember playing that was something flying along a tube. The gameplay is tough and very rewarding. I played it the first time while camping in Death Valley and immediately built a prototype of a 3rd person tube riding game with a space ship flying along a tube in space.

Super Hexagon. When I first played Super Hexagon, I put it down after a few minutes and didn't come back to it until a bunch of friends starting posting high scores on Twitter. This was really the defining moment for what became Unpossible. I decided then that a game like that, except with some kind of intro mode to give people a rewarding taste quickly, would do well. I was busy with other things at the time, so I didn't really get started on it for a while.

Unpossible was in a playable state before Impossible Road & Pivvot were announced. I really love both of them, but the gameplay was pretty much finalized before they had a chance to influence Unpossible.

I didn't know about Proun until I shared an Unpossible build with some dev friends. Either Dave or Ian Marsh (I think it was Dave) from NimbleBit said "hey, have you seen Proun?" That was the first time I even heard of Proun. I played it and loved it too. Unpossible shares many similarities to it - for sure.

There's a ton more, but those were the main influences. I'm happy to share more..but I'm on the way out the door with the kids.

Gotta run!
04-19-2014, 04:12 PM
Quite a few people, including Eli, have wondered about the hit box for the player. It's the size of your eyeball. As far as the game is concerned, you are flying along the tube on the head of a pencil. If your eye (i.e. The camera) hits an obstacle, you die. If your eye misses, you miss too.

There's a whoosh sound that plays when you get really close to an obstacle. If you're not hearing that, you can get closer.
04-19-2014, 06:09 PM
Yep - like it - a lot. On MFi though I expected the left and right shoulder buttons rather than the d-pad. No big shakes as touch controls are perfect but I tried on a Logitech and the L and R shoulder buttons to my mind would have been a better fit. Great game though.
04-19-2014, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Acceleroto View Post
Nuts! by Limbic. I LOVE this game. It was the second game that I remember playing that was something flying along a tube. The gameplay is tough and very rewarding. I played it the first time while camping in Death Valley and immediately built a prototype of a 3rd person tube riding game with a space ship flying along a tube in space.
Whoa really? When my girlfriend saw me playing this one of the first things she said was "This reminds me of that game Nuts that I like!"
04-19-2014, 06:50 PM
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Can't believe I didn't pick this up on release night.....why didn't you guys tell me Unpossible is freakin' awesome?
04-19-2014, 06:52 PM
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It looks nice, it's feels nice, once gamecentre has logged in it runs fine on my 1st gen mini, it does stutter in the first minute but I hunk that's down to gamecentre logging in or whatnot, it's causing me hassle in ither games, the sounds are great, I use touch controls and they feel flawless and it's one of my most anticipated games this year, it has everything I like about this genre and I stayed up til midnight to buy it, so I feel really shitty when I say its not doing it for me like I thought it would, I can't even say why because it's so obvious that a lot of love has gone into this but for some reason I'm not coming back to it to try and beat my score and unlock the next level, like I thought I would. I can't even say what you can do to make it better as it's got everything it should. I wasn't going to post anything because I don't want to sound like I'm slating the game, it's beautiful and worthy of all the nice things everyone is saying about it, but I had a pm asking if I liked it so I thought I'd post. I will recommend to my friends and leave nice review on App Store I'm just disappointed in myself, not the game as I didn't fall head over heels in love with it like I planned.

Also, I agree with the menus being tweaked, I also intuitively tap to retry and more often than not I change the level difficulty.
04-19-2014, 07:26 PM
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I've played most of the popular "twitch" games released in the past year and I have all but decided this genre isn't for me. That is until Unpossible. I can kind of see where cloudpuff is coming from. Whereas she is more of an accomplished twitch player, I'm a mere novice and as such, I'm finding Unpossible to be very approachable and easily introductory for the inexperienced, like myself. I just unlocked Futile mode and I can see the challenge really ramping up. I think if it had been hardcore right off then I probably would have written it off like all the others.

Soo..for me I think this is a perfect way for me to get into this genre of games. It's also a beautiful game and in motion it's quite a work of art. I can see myself playing Unstoppable, well, nonstop-able