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App Store Optimization

06-10-2014, 10:24 AM
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Hi everyone,

I think we are all aware of the importance of downloads for ASO, but do we know anything about the timings associated with downloads? Let's say I get a huge number of downloads on a Monday. Will my app rank better on the Tuesday, or does this take a few days to kick-in?

This comes into play in a scenario where I want to ensure I rank highly on a particular day, and know that competition will be strong in anticipation of this day. In this scenario, knowing when to increase marketing spend could prove crucial in trying to out rank competitors.
07-02-2014, 07:32 AM
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That is a really great article you have written thanks.

That comment at the end about a freshness boost, that is so true. It seems that for the first week an app gets a massive boost for being new, it is reflected in download numbers. I am pretty sure you get a bit of a boost from doing an update as well, as I seem to get a bit of a boost in numbers after an update, and I can't think of any other reason for this to happen.

Also I have heard that having too many words in the app title can reduce the strength of each word. Not sure if there is anything to back this up, but would be interesting to know if anyone has noticed this. If you have say more than 10 words in the app title, does it actually work against you?
04-08-2016, 12:48 PM
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Old post but better for me

I was looking for a ASO post and this post is not bad. Like it
04-09-2016, 03:41 AM
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thanks for the article! A bit lenghty, but on the other hand it covers almost all aspects, which can be found in several articles.

>>>Keep in mind that category names and in-app purchase titles are not considered as keywords anymore.<<<
This phrase from the article was really insightful for me. Recently I was asked to add category name in the keyword field, but I had doubts about this inclusion. Now I have some proof that we shouldn't do it.