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09-07-2014, 03:51 PM
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Cloudpuff, I share your impression of this game as well, both good and bad ones. I think your criticism is very sound. I am about half way through the game and find it difficult to continue, not because of the puzzle themselves but because of the sheer frustration I am experiencing trying to execute the solutions. Part of the fun of solving the level is to figure out if it is possible to solve the level using "lesser" moves or resources than what you are given. There is sufficient latitude in the level design that you can devise a number of different paths for the solution. Sadly, there are so many levels in which I can visualize alternative solutions but yet unable to test them out because of the ridiculous control.

Update: I am now wavering through the "nightmare" mode of the last two worlds. Sadly, the description of the mode perfectly matches the absurd control issues (being "nightmare") that continue to escalate in this game. For many levels, you need to move the apples very quickly (and obviously very precisely) in order to corral the character onto the right path. Such is just a "nightmare" to do with the lousy and imprecise virtual joystick and tap. I understand that this is a multi-platform release (the game was first released on Steam). This makes me think that the developer simply had neglected on spending enough time testing out the touch interface before releasing this iOS port. Any fun to be have with this game is entirely RUINED by this ridiculous control scheme. What a shame!

Update #2: Finally finished the game, both regular and nightmare. It is indeed too bad that the infuriately erratic controls overshadow the otherwise clever premise of the game and the beautiful surreal art in the game. Lots of graphical glitches (particularly texture and object collision problems). The puzzles are also quite weak. With very few exceptions, the level design did not fully leverage the landscape's "impossible geometry" to make good puzzles as it did in Monument Valley.

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I was so looking forward to playing this, loved the art style etc but sadly the experience disappointed.
I dint mean to sound harsh and I feel bad for saying this as the devs will have worked hard but the game feels cheap to me, controls are weird and sometimes non responsive, game is jittery at times too, picking the items up and replacing them is frustrating and all this is only on level one. I think it may be the first game I've given up on so early. It just got too frustrating, and not the good kind.

It has so much potential so I really hope some fixes are made and I'll try it again.

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