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Unnamed but great project (WIP)

01-25-2014, 05:14 PM
Finally the 99 levels are complete. I also got the win screen done today as well, so all around really good progress. Did some code cleanup and found a few issues that needed fixing. To be honest, I thought I will get to a point were I will need major optimisaztion but it didnít happen. I guess Unity can handle pretty much anything if code things the right way and use pools effectively.

So what is next? Go back to Level 1 and start polishing stuff until Level 99, plus I have a few ideas to add more variation to the gameplay. Iím not really sure how long will it take me but I donít think it will be more than a week or so. Plus I plan on releasing another video demo sometime this week.

Once things look the way I want it on the iPhone 5, will start testing on the iPhone 4s and iPad2, iPad3 , mini iPad and the retina mini iPad. Probably another week or so to get things settled with those things.

Here are the screen shots for this week from the levels 80 to 89:

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