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How much will you spend on a game?

02-25-2014, 12:31 PM
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Depends , i usually spend good money on good game , like Walking Dead Ghost Trick or Phoenix Wright Trilogy but i never spend on freemium games. $20 or $30 is somewhere i pay for mobile.
02-25-2014, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bool Zero View Post
For the rare few games I feel that do it well (Punchquest, Storm the Train, Football Heroes, to name a few) I will throw money at those devs on coin doublets, ad removers or IAP currencies on principle and because I enjoy their game. For the vast majority of freemium games, I refuse to pay a dime because they have effectively devalued their products in my eyes, no matter how well produced and developed, no matter how much I may enjoy them, I can only enjoy them for so long before I hit the very apparent psychological wall where the model impedes my enjoyment, having the opposite effect on me as it apparently does on the average IOS gamer. It makes me NOT want to spend money on their product.

Their free status also has the opposite effect on me as their free-ness (as I stated earlier, they feel devalued) makes me more prone to delete them after testing out their freemium flavor rather than wanting to play and invest in them. I have too many good premium games to become absorbed into a freemium time sink.
Your entire post pretty much sums up how I feel, with the small exception that I do spend a lot less, but that's only because I have very little time to game.

I also completely agree on the quoted text above, regarding the free to play stuff. I can hardly ever enjoy a game that I know is modeled around consumables. I don't even try anymore, because I hit that psychological wall you speak of as my finger hovers over the BUY button lol.

My only exceptions so far are what I call the grey-area games. Titles like Trial By Survival, or the Grimm's quest spelling game, where you can effectively buy one or two things and it "unlocks" the game for you at under $5. I even have trouble swallowing that pill, but if the game is good enough, I'll do it anyways.

I'm also perfectly fine with unlocks to remove ads, or extra content, obviously.

I also think that this pay2win model that a lot of games are getting rich on (like candy crush's daily $600,000 USD earnings) is a model that will collapse eventually, and the IOS gaming world will be all the better once it does.
02-25-2014, 01:17 PM
That model will collapse about the same time casino slot-machines go out of style.