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Nameless: the Hackers 1 YEAR Anniversary - iTunes Giftcards & Redeem Codes Daily!

03-12-2014, 12:00 PM
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Ohh I'm not eligible to enter the draw through the other site. Guess I'll post here then ^^
03-12-2014, 04:46 PM
03-12-2014, 10:47 PM
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Happy Birthday!!
03-14-2014, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Aseret View Post
Happy Birthday!!
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Originally Posted by nemerleb View Post
Ohh I'm not eligible to enter the draw through the other site. Guess I'll post here then ^^
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Congrats and good luck!
Originally Posted by LVickery View Post
Happy 1 YEAR Anniversary to this great game
Originally Posted by Kyle1003 View Post
Seriously, there is going to be a NTH2?!!!!!
I have to start working for buying some iTunes cards xD! Do you guys have any release date or screenshot ready for a fan 😆! 😱Amazing😱
Originally Posted by Echoen View Post
Not available in my region

Still, wow if's been a year already? Got this game day 1 and loved it!
Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
Happy Birthday to Nameless: The Hackers; that's one fun game.
Originally Posted by Lavender View Post
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you.....
Happy birthday dear Nameless: the Hackers.....
Happy birthday to you!

Can you hear the music?
Originally Posted by zdn1042 View Post
Happy Birthday, Nameless: the Hackers!!
Originally Posted by Kyle1003 View Post
Hey! I just wanted to post this; As a gamer that has played this game, I love it! When I first got it, I had some low standards for the game, but after playing it for a while I must say I'm hooked 😆. This game is awesome, the battles make you think most of the time, others, you'll just blast your way through the enemy. The story is really good also, some spots feel kind of empty (I won't give any spoilers xD) but, overall, a great game if you like the hacking theme, and the kind of rpg feeling it gives you! Try it out! Also, congratulations on your anniversary!
-A Huge Fan

You are all such WONDERFUL people!!!!!!!!!!

03-18-2014, 05:32 PM
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Thank you! Also, sorry about not posting the codes on time. We're at GDC and it's been a crazy schedule so far! The codes for the past two days have been posted now!