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Patchwork Battles: Alive and well.

05-07-2013, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Zeldaniac View Post
Why isn't this thread getting more love? I can't be the only one that's seen this great concept.

Also, that environment is deliciously gorgeous. New PC wallpaper.
Glad you like it! I have a much higher res version of it if you want. Shoot me a PM and I'll get you a link for the hi-rez version.

Originally Posted by kenken11 View Post
Glad this is still alive, was amaze by the beautiful drawing. Hope to see more updates soon! Thanks for the hardwork
Thanks! Been moving along slowly. Just about ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign. Getting really excited for that. In the Kickstarter video I attempt to bring a Mimic to life. It's fun

There will be a bunch of new information on the game released with the Kickstarter. We're hoping to have that kicked off by May 22nd of course that date may change but that's our current goal.

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05-08-2013, 01:35 PM
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In an effort to get some information out there ahead of the Kickstarter, how about we give a quick introduction to 2 of the 8 classes in Patchwork Battles?

Let's start with the Shadow (crazy damage dealer) and the Trickster (which serves as the iconic Patchwork Battles class).

The Shadow
The Shadow is just your average Melee damage dealer. Its strength lies in dealing crazy damage without being noticed. The Shadow is a bit squishy but is able to compensate for its lack of defenses by being a very sneaky fighter. Rarely does a Shadow attack directly, instead choosing to attack when his allies attack or when the enemy is busy focusing on another Mimic.

The Shadow's signature skill is Sneaky Sneaky. The Shadow waits, silently, for an ally to go in for a melee attack on an enemy. Just as the ally begins their strike The Shadow leaps behind the enemy, unleashes a quick stab or two, and then leaps back to where it came from. All very sneakily, of course. If timed right The Shadow is able to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy without it even noticing him!

The Trickster
The Trickster is not your standard "take a flurry of blows and live" tank. Instead, The Trickster tanks by avoiding and redistributing damage. Other Mimics aren't all that fond of Mimics who use Trickster parts because they end up taking damage more frequently then they otherwise would. This isn't all bad, however, because a Mimic utilizing some Trickster skills can be really amazing at minimizing spike damage to a single Mimic.

The Trickster's signature skill is Yummy Dummy. This skill gives the Mimic the ability to call forth a dummy that can be used for all sorts of fun stuff. It can taunt the enemy (by being so tauntingly annoying), it can bounce around in place on its spring, and it can even be used as a target for any damage redirection The Trickster may do. This dummy is really a Trickster's best friend!

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05-09-2013, 10:19 PM
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A little backstory From the latest Patchwork Battles blog post...

Long Ago …
The world of Patchwork was dying. The planet suffered under a veil of decay that dulled the sun and soured the air. The trees were blighted, the fields were fallow. Fish drowned in the oceans while diseased animals collapsed on sickly limbs. The people of Patchwork struggled desperately to survive. There was no food or medicine, and hope was in short supply.

Faced with losing the world they had long struggled to control, Shaman leaders of the 16 different nations put aside their differences and made the ultimate sacrifice. The resulting spell, jointly cast, ripped the life energy from their very bodies and used it to salve the ragged wounds on their tortured planet.

Patchwork began to heal. The trees and flowers began to blossom again. Fish swam freely in clean water. The animals, with less human interference, thrived and soon lived in far greater numbers than before. The grim survivors of began to rebuild what had once been theirs…

800 Years Ago…
A man known only as Sir Toys discovered that Patchwork contains a very powerful energy. This energy, when harnessed, could be used as a tool to rebuild…or a weapon fit only for destruction. Soon after Sir Toys’ discovery, the kings of the 16 nations on Patchwork learned of his work and started searching for a way to harness the energy for their own ends. Slowly, one by one, each nation learned how to harness the power and use it to build mighty weapons. Threats of force replaced diplomacy, and Patchwork was once again plunged into civil war.

Patchwork ceased to heal. Poverty, starvation, and death became common. The nations warred for 100 years, each nation striving to monopolize control of the world. It was only through the strength and perseverance of Queen Myla that an unquiet peace was restored.

Leatheral is now tightly controlled by the single world government. Its uses and misuses are clearly defined and those found misusing Leatheral are banished to a remote part of the world, forced to live off the land until nature reclaims them. The only current approved use of Leatheral is the creation of Mimics, creatures who have only pseudo-life. They can move, they can breath, and they can even think on some level. They are not sentient, they are unable to speak or act absent command. Animators are the only people who have been licensed, by the global government, in controlling these Mimics.

These Mimics have two main uses in the world of Patchwork. The first use is for dispute resolution. Instead of the nations warring with each other and causing innocent lives to be lost, they use these Mimics to fight for them. Since Mimics have no feelings, and their power is greatly controlled, the belief is they make a far better way to solve their problems than war does. While not perfect, it has worked out well for over 150 years now.

The second approved use of Mimics is no less barbaric, but far more fun: sport. Every 2 years Animators from around the world compete in a year long competition known as the Patchwork Battles. Animators travel the world, battling other Animators, each trying to finish the competition atop the leader boards (the most points). The winners of the Patchwork Battles competition are rewarded with fame and riches one could only dream of.

A great Animator, known as Gage Toys, has won the previous 4 Patchwork Battles competitions. After his last competition win Gage announced that he would not be taking part in the next Patchwork Battles. Gage instead has chosen to use the time before the next competition to train his son, Jaden, in the art of Animation…

05-14-2013, 08:36 AM
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About one more week (give or take a few days) to the Kickstarter campaign kick-off!

The Wizard
The Wizard is exactly that: a Wizard. He casts spells, from the back row, that wreak havoc on his adversaries. The Wizard throws balls of fire, calls forth towers of earth, and can even create storms of lightening on the battlefield. If there is an element to be manipulated The Wizard can, and will, manipulate it.

The Wizard's signature skill is Hot Potato. The Wizard summons a molten hot rock at the feet of his enemies. This rock begins to dance around the battlefield, leaving a trail of lava anywhere it touches. Eventually, the rock will heat up to such great temperatures that it explodes in place, causing mass damage (and hopefully, casualties) to anyone caught in the wake!

The Priestess
The Priestess is your guiding light. She brings peace and serenity to your party. When your party of Mimics starts to feel a little beat up, The Priestess steps in and mends them right up. The Priestess is very weak on her own, but her spirit is absolutely vital to your success in the Patchwork Battles.

The signature skill of The Priestess is Let's Try Again. This spell is extremely difficult to time correctly, but once mastered is truly one of the most powerful spells seen in the Patchwork Battles competition. Just as one of your Mimics falls, The Priestess jumps in and summons the God of Life to save the day. The God of Life absorbs the life from whoever fell your Mimic and uses this life to bring back your fallen ally, giving you another chance to turn the tides in your favor!
05-14-2013, 08:39 AM
This sounds cool, but I wont get that hyped until I see gameplay