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12-28-2014, 03:26 PM
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I'm really enjoying the game! I have some suggestions:

* Add some visual cue for the power-ups ahead of the player. It could be something like the battery signs or some kind of radar at the top of the screen (would that be too overkill?). Anyways, I play several runs where I don't get one single power-up because you rely entirely on luck to get them on your path. I'm trying to complete an achievement and it's a bit frustrating.

* Add a Retry option after the level is finished (along with the "Continue" and "Main Menu" options). Again if you're going for an achievement you may want to replay a sucessful level and this would speed up the process a lot.

* Let us skip thru animations. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE watching the animations, but sometimes I'd like to speed up things a bit. This would be mainly the stage clear animations, but also in-game, the dog powerup animation, for example, feels a little too long when you're in the heat of the game. Maybe make it two taps to skip them, so one wouldn't do it accidentally.

* The credits scroll could last longer. It would be nice being able to listen to the song and watch the boy's little dance for a longer time.

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