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12-28-2014, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Flamers View Post
I really late in finding this great game. -_-!
But well, I enjoyed it much, got 6 endings on my 2nd day playing,
Agreed in the need of harder modes and death penalty,

Well this is my playstyle, be a gunner, never let supply to 0 point, I prever gun than shotguns untill I got the assault rifle *spoiler warning* early in the hospital, always use the latest melee weap, train all to 40-60 At the 1st quarter of game and max em out later after got better training facilities, there on I passd almost all events and got most of the endings...

to be honest I need more challenge, the ultimate boss behemoth didnt even had a chance to get into my katana range

I,m trying to get my last 2 endings now, goodluck on developing overlive 2
You definitely mastered the game if you found all endings. Looks like you found a good strategy through.

I'm putting together a big update for Overlive 1 now. Overlive 2 I would love to start in the next couple months. Maybe I'll sneak a hard mode for extra score or special encounters. Thanks for sharing your experience