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09-04-2014, 02:41 AM
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Well played this a fair bit last night (till 2am !). There are a lot of positives to this but sadly it seems to be geared towards buying IAP after IAP.

I'm now level 6, the cost of energy drinks has gone up quite a bit, i've now been promoted to the starting QB. However after about 3 pass attempts i need to use another drink so i have to keep trying to buy more.

The game is very unrealstic, i've seen now 5 100 or 101 yard runs in just one season.

The crazy thing is you practice the plays which look very good, great graphics, it works like the soccer game 'Score' where you draw a line where you want the pass to go.

But then when you come to the actual game you just choose the play you think works best. You have to practice each play to try and get 5 stars and after every attempt you'll fill one star or half a star. But the more you train (eg 3 times) you (surprise surprise) run out of energy ! The playbook is HUGE so to master all of them you would require a LOT of energy drinks.

But like i say you get to the game and from time to time you just choose what play to do but you dont execute it, you just simulate it. You only execute/see it in practice.

I spent 2 on an IAP but i must admit i'm at the point of giving up after one day. Shame as it has potential but its so geared up towards IAPs. I've got 'two houses' in the game and a car and a flash suit, and 'surprise surprise' every now and then i have to use my coins to repair my suit (!?!?) or houses etc. Again another way to take your coins so you eventually have to buy more.

I get 48 coins per game I play, and each energy drink now costs me 44 coins!! I have to use an energy drink in the game by at least halftime or i get 'benched' as my energy is 0.

Getting quite fed up with it. Still searching for a decent NFL management game. Try it out as its free but its soooo geared up towards taking money from you its totally ruined it

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09-04-2014, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by ImJPaul View Post
Man, those screens are misleading.....
Deplorably misleading.
09-05-2014, 07:46 AM
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03-30-2015, 09:13 PM
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Damn, I really like so many things of this game, but as psj mentioned the game its impossible to play without buying coins. Im on my 6th season and Every drink costs 212, i get 185 every game, and thats if I win and I connect some nice passes. I purchased a sale pack for 2.99 that included 1500 bills, a laptop, a car and a house. Everything was nicer, I got more stamina and could train more.

But the thing is that your pay escalates super slow, so eventually I lost the car and house, and the included bucks could not cover the price of both items. If on top of that you take into account training, improving plays, having to spend time regular with the press, fans, team and coach, this game becomes infuriatingly freemium.

I mean, I love the game and was prepared to purchase more iaps, but you own nothing (Jon Snow) and you'll never own nothing even if you purchase the 50 bucks iap. That would probably mean a week or less of comfortable play and then back to being a broke ass superstar professional QB. How can it be that a 6 year veteran starter qb has to dip into his savings (2.99iap bucks) because his salary doesnt even cover the juice he needs to play for three quarters before being benched and needing another.

I had not posted in a lot of time, but this game really angered me, because its easy to see that the mechanics are there, its just that the monetization is excessive. I always loved Full Fat games, I would pray to them to make a Real premium iap, something like 10 bucks (restorable of course) and then its the same game but you earn much more bucks, so you can easily cover your expenses if you live within your means, it would even add another depth to the game. At first you would be poor but as you advance your salary exponentially advances (like a real star qb) and you can afford to have nicer things, please do this, even for a higher price.

Heck, with more than 70% of nfl players broke after three years of retirement, maybe Full Fat was trying to make a really real simulator of a young football pro who's gonna end up working at BK's after retirement. Sorry for the
super long post, and hello again to everyone.

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03-31-2015, 09:48 AM
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Yeah its a shame, it 'could' have been really good but this is a prime example of freemium done wrong by greedy devs.

I've had this deleted for a while now and wouldnt buy another game if they released a sequel as its put me off