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Mortal Combat X,yes,but it's a F2P,the developers are the same of WWE IMMORTALS...but you can't compare the Fatality with lot real gore on Manhunt..
It doesnt have not be comparable, but did you see the trailer on MKX?

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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
It doesnt have not be comparable, but did you see the trailer on MKX?
YouTube: video

This it's the trailer...And here the thread:
EDIT: I don't uderstand wel You want say, but what I mean is that if Apple has an oversight, the game can go pass,but,if they see what's in The trailer,he didn't pass,You remember Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? Apple forced EA to obscurated The fatality in an update,then,The controversy surround MANHUNT and expecially MANHUNT 2..MANHUNT 2 it's not also on PSN(for PS3,there only The PSP version) i hope1.000.000 time that I'm wrong and finally coming to iOS One day...

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