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Monaco, aargh! Apart from this, I would take the F50 (makes me most fun at present) or the Audi Avant (my real life car).
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Monaco, aargh!
Right, I forgot to mention that. Tracks without ramps are boring. I'd prefer one of the China tracks, but then, maybe that's fantasy season 11: Using your car from season 10, pick a track for good.

(Once again, rewards would balance race duration. And once again, it would be nice to have an exception for newly released tracks.)
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That's a very elaborate way to ask about people's favorite car.
Well, by favorite, I mean to drive (and not just once, but repeatedly). The elaborate scenario helps eliminate possible prejudices not associated with the driving experience itself. That said, it is a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine.

Also, as far as pure driving experience goes, the 12C is basically flawless. It feels right on any track, and when I wreck that car, it's always my fault.

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I want to do a quick thought experiment just out of curiosity. [/SIZE]
I don't do Seasons. But, under your scenario, I'd select either the NISMO or the Huayra. Absolute last car would be the Biome.
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I would pick the P1 for two reasons. First simply because I love driving it, and second that it has excellent nitro duration for a map like monaco reverse. This means the maximum enjoyment of the event could be had without extra tank and therefore daily.

I was gonna say the Sesto because it's my favourite car to drive but the nitro duration just shaded it for P1. I have a couple of decent videos of Sesto season 9 if anyone is interested too, both at 1669 rank. The slower one has more mistakes but nicer barrels, the faster one was much better overall although there was still time left, but I made it max pro very soon after so didn't get a chance to improve. I've since bettered my time with what was actually a worse lap in the max pro car, that video is still private until it gets improved lol, I'll need to find an hour to get it nailed down some night and finished for good. Sorry about the quality:

I know this is a question designed for a specific response, but I like the idea a lot without the kicker of never being able to reselect again. On a similar theme I was actually talking very recently with KJ about how it would be great in quick mode for a race reward similar to metal season for 1 lap and the option to choose 1-3 laps (also a traffic toggle) with the credit reward rising in line with the number of laps like it does in MP.

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