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Too tired with too many birds and zombies? Want to have more fun with your iPhone? Feel bad for the infinite in-app-purchase in a game? Try Flying Daggers! We provide you a brand-new world here. More than 20 original epic tracks; vivid and refined animations; more than 10 kinds of weapons and cute enemies; all in one. Trapped in-app-purchase? No, not here. Moreover, we present you the most important and unique feature: Slow Motion. What can you do when the world is slow motion except you?

ATTENTION: Flying daggers is a tough platform action game, seriously challenges your game intelligent and control skill. Unique control style can make you immerse in the game. So, prepare yourself before playing it :D

We are a young and open game develop group, we appreciate all the useful feedbacks and ratings here. If you have any request, write it down here. We will customize the game for you!!

BTW, Game Tips:
Slow Motion! Slow Motion! Slow Motion! Especially when you get into 3rd level :P

Description Device Compatibility:
iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
Recommended operation system: System requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Exact-Psience's comments:

Just saw this on the upcoming thread, and was surprised to see it's live on the PH appstore. Currently downloading, impressions later.

Trailer Video 1
Trailer Video 2

UPDATE (September 15, 2012): A message from the devs:

Thanks friends keep looking forward this game. New update is submitted yesterday with new control scheme and until now the status is "waiting for review". i'm not sure when can be available on appstore. Auto shooting and double virtual joysticks make control's experience to be more comfortable. Here is test playing video for preview.

I have to say, at first version of this game, bad control feeling makes many friends disappointed. I'm very sorry for it. People really hard to used to it. Maybe we have developed for too long time, 18 months by two people. We always thought hardcore game should be liked that. Cut instruction, no easy congratulations, fast moving and just likes "Contra" in my childhood. iPhone platform is so popular, there should be some hardcore, serious game for game fans. So game difficulty got higher and higher then forgot the first playing for people.

At very beginning of game developing in 2011, we tried some simple, popular control schemes actually. However, original design passion makes us want the game to be different, be even better.I know of high risk but…you know….the passion of first time to make game. We placed buttons in the bottom for giving touch area as much as possible. That made down button looks strange in the middle of left and right. Left finger still can slide between left and right arrow buttons and the down button wouldn't take any touch event. Down only works when figure single click on it. I thought it was perfect. Sadly, distance between arrows I think is too long now.

Last week, we have test seven different schemes. Cross direction with two action button, one joystick with one button, no down button arrow pad with auto-aiming and etc. Finally, double virtual joysticks scheme I think is easiest to hands on. We combine jump and shoot pad into one joystick. It works much better than previous. Old control scheme is also maintained, somewhere I think old control is necessary. You can pick two control scheme at anytime. But I still worried about jump(needs touch down and up quickly to trigger). So I make this test video by myself to hearing your point.

Thanks to Exact-Psience, area, Mfox76, Janni, Darth Ronfar, Mrwubbs, psj3809, dr_watson and many other friends' advices. Your replies makes FlyingDaggers much better. And we will keep improving, fixing, update this game.

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