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03-25-2013, 10:13 AM
Upsetting that I can't go beyond floor 25 until the world champs league is available. Now I have everyone trained to their max level and a bunch of spare gold. Nothing more to do.

I don't mind the timers the way they are.

The amount of tapping one must do in this game is ridiculous. Lots of opportunities to reduce the number of taps needed to perform specific actions. Just claim awards automatically when quests are complete for example. Allow me to see employee info and where their home is from the shop - and let me fire them from the shop. It is the most tedious process to try and replace employees with higher performing ones...and it's not clear how much of a benefit is provided by having someone who is a lv9 vs Lv8 at their dream Job's primary skill requirement. And for crying out loud, don't make me hold down a button for 10 seconds while I watch a NPC go to floor 25. He can only go to one floor, just let me tell him left or right and have the elevator do the rest.

Don't force me to battle - they are all NPCs anyway, so give me the option to postpone the battle. Even if it costs gold.

Make the battles more interactive or entirely hands off. It isn't a lot of fun to just repeatedly Tap the special ability button to ensure it is used as frequently as possible. Let me tell the archers who to target, for example.

Use up all shop types before duplicating them. Why is it that I have two Great Halls but no aquifery, machinery, barbershop, or miller once I reach floor 25?

I also run into the same problem as everyone else with heroes not reliably showing up to stop invaders.

I don't get what everyone's problem is with the $.99 to Free move. If you thought it was worth $.99 and you bought it, it was only $.99. If money is that precious to you, don't spend it on phone games... You guys have written essays here about how unfair all of this is....all over a dollar... Suck it up. It's a dollar.

Feedback done. Thanks.
03-25-2013, 05:06 PM
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your comments and comments on the game. We're working with Artlogic team to address these comments, and we're currently planning on the next update, which we hope to release in the next few weeks.
07-21-2013, 11:27 AM
Seems they gave up on their "baby", too bad considering with some minor bug fixes and content updates it could've been a very good game. I come back to it every once and awhile hoping for an update. oh well :\