App description: Necklace of Heavens was the Creators most wonderful work. Thousands of planets inhabited by an incredible variety of beings, all joined by a network of magical portals. The powerful Deity Council maintained peace and harmony in the Necklace.

Some frontier worlds of the Necklace began to suffer from attacks of strange beings. They were called the Transformation Army, spawned by the renegade deity Karin. His beings were cruel and merciless. The worst thing about them was that the worlds which had fallen to them were infected by a terrible disease, which gradually drove the survivors mad, making them join the invasion army.

The threat was becoming more and more menacing. Losing one world after another, the Deities were forced to send throngs of refugees across the Necklace to the worlds yet untouched by war. Many unpopulated worlds became shelters for the refugees from all over the Necklace.

One phantom hope was left to stop the plague of Transformation to find a path into some other world, a secure shelter and seal it by destroying the portal network between worlds thus tearing the Necklace forever.Although the idea seemed insane in the beginning, such path had been found soon enough. The exodus of survivors took several years and only a handful of the greatest warriors stayed behind to seal the portal forever and deter the Transformation army as long as they are able.

You are one of those warriors.
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Originally Posted by Based Xatu View Post
Poor animations, iPhone 3GS graphics, and it's your typical freemium fare. That's why I said eww. I would like for mobile gaming to not have do much shovel ware begging for money. So far I've only found a few titles worth keeping.
The animations are actually not bad, you'll find no 3GS compatible game that uses ragdoll physics or individual armor pieces on a 3D character or decent fire effects for that matter, and if you can't find "titles worth keeping" on iOS I would suggest you find another gaming platform (and, frankly, another forum).
10-23-2013, 11:41 PM
Played and very exciting, so addictive.

10-24-2013, 04:43 AM
Played first three levels and to me it's an honest game with good graphic and satisfying controls. I think nobody could say it's the best out there, but i've seen MUCH more worst games. My only regret is i was waiting for a Diablo like game and not a stage after stage one, but overall i accept it as it is.
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Originally Posted by Biggavelli View Post
This is a uninspiring mediocre dungeon crawler at best. It makes me want to replay games like Orc: Vengeance or Iesabel.
Wow, nail on head. This game is sub par at best. I think the iOS medium has matured enough for all of us to be able to not give hall passes to every "passable" game. Ragdoll physics? I got over that cartoon crap in 2001 when I moved past Quake Arena. That was the game breaker for me, besides the shoddy graphics. There's nothing realistic to ragdoll physics. Though if you have a nastalgic kick for early PS2 games this could be your thing. As for me, DELETED!
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Anyone experiencing crashing when attempting to open the app? It sits at the intro wallpaper then crashes to the home screen, i opened up multitask and it looks like its at the main menu. i unfortunatly reinstalled wiping out my progress thinking it would fix it but after awhile it reverted to this state. Ipad2

And to comment on the free2play mechanic here, i finished all the dungeon levels with VERY minimal difficulty, the game gives out the reccomended weapon generously in the crates and if not usually a replay of a previous level will net you the gear.

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Have play. Don't take eyes out of it.

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