App description: Welcome to Necromancer Rising a game that was there at the dawn of IOS gaming. The past weeks Necromancer Rising has been upgraded to run on the latest devices. Quite a feat being that this game predates the iPhone 3gs which was the first large step towards 3D gaming on the iPhone.
In this action, RPG, first person experience you will take the role of a priest who has had his family not only murdered but their bodies taken for use by the necromancer. You will adventure through 49 plus levels of the necromancer's realm attempting to destroy him and his countless minions through the use of your spells, Weapons, armor and created items. You will find treasure, materials to create items, and strange creatures. Enjoy this walk through the past that offers a great gameplay experience even today. This game is comparable to system shock, Ultima underworld and other first person adventure RPGs.

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Necromancer rising is the predecessor to Mission Europa Action RPG of the year in 2011 according to TouchGen.

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The original iOS game from the maker of Mission Europa.

Rather than reviving 116 pages of a 3yr old thread, here's a new one for the newly released updated version that works on modern devices. As some older gameplay information is likely still useful, here is the original thread.
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Only thing that is missing in this game is the ability to compare gear. Other then that great classic.

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