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Old Yesterday, 08:37 PM
Estrica Estrica is offline
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iPhone 4, iOS 6.x
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Absolutely stuck in the beginning. The 30 second races seem to be random and most of the times I get those, that require a minimum speed 500km/h higher than I can possibly get. Tried the first race, was 1st, touched the sides, became last. Quite unforgiving. After lots of retries could win some at bronze level (ended up 2nd out of 3 sometimes which yield something like 400-600 gold... An ipdate is 5000-8000...) and could get an upgrade on handling and acceleration, but still stuck, can't even do the first race. I don't get it. x.x Am I this bad at it (probably), or is the game somehow harder on iphone 6+ (I experienced similar issue before and Sanuku also mentioned that the game seems easier on iPad)? Well, will try patiently, eventually should be able to get an update. Though to proceed, losses could also give at least a few coins.
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Old Yesterday, 08:44 PM
sweetdiss sweetdiss is offline
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I haven't had too much trouble with the difficulty... I got gold in every event after only a few days of playing and about half of those were achieved with the first ship in each tier un-upgraded. After upgrades it got even easier.

I'm wondering if the people having trouble are not using tilt? I used tilt and had no trouble with controls.
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Old Today, 12:37 AM
Crabman Crabman is offline
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As written just one page before:don't try to race the first"real"event.Just move the map a little more to the right,there you will see some bronze events like"duell"or"time trial".This events are really very easy (i won the duell multiple times with 5-10 seconds ahead with a non upgraded ship.On the easiest difficulty).This always give you a little more than 1000 credits and doesn't take much longer than 30 seconds to a minute.After you farmed some money,upgrade your ship and start the"real"events...

I really don't like the tilt steering nor the touch controls but i was able to race my way thru roundabout 20-25 events now (used upgrades of course) without having too much trouble.
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Old Today, 08:31 AM
Estrica Estrica is offline
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iPhone 4, iOS 6.x
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 153

I'm usig tilt. Tried the other one as well, but found the tilt much better.
I wrote that I tried the small bronze ones, but those races somehow end up random. Many times it's a race requiring a minimal speed higher than my ship's max. The other I can finish 2nd place out of 3, so barely get anything as a reward. Will try more, see if I mcan get past the promblems in the beginning.

Uodate: For an hour only did the 3 bronze quick races. I managed to update everything by 1 level, speed by 2 and handling by 3. I could finally get past the 1st race. Now it's really more reasobable and enjoyable. Thanks for the tips!

(Could be an IAP to get initial money for upgrading handling for those who do not like to retry over and over - though I like that the levels are random - or at least there are multiple ones rotating -, that really helped)

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Old Today, 10:21 AM
Wubba Wubba is offline
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This game looks really slick. I've been looking for a racer to replace Asphalt and this could be it. Now I just gotta wait until Friday to buy an iTunes card.. I guess I can play some other stuff in the meantime.
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