From the creators of Battle Rides Duel, here comes Spooklands! Spooklands is a unique survival game in which you tap to shoot, and shoot to move. With every touch, your character fires in your finger's direction, and is knocked back the other way.

Master your skills to destroy the nightmare hordes in fast-paced matches for survival, and try to beat all final bosses: the Curupira, the Spider Queen and the Goat Demon.

BRIGHT COLORS AND POWER-UPS: Improve your performance with awesome unlockable items like the Edible Snail, the Fist of Might, the Happy Face and the Wand of Crystal Power.

THREE INFINITE LEVELS: Meet the mythic creeps of Amazonia, the eight-legged horrors of the Spider's Nest, and the dead demon-things of Necropolis.

TAP OR HOLD: Every weapon comes with two uses. Tap to use them the regular way, or hold to charge a powerful shot. Charged shots may pierce, multiply or explode on contact!

COMPETE WITH FRIENDS: Master your surviving skills and the combo system to beat your friends' high scores! Game Center integration complete with achievements.

PROUD BOSS HUNTER: Beat a level's boss multiple times in a single run to earn Skull Badges. The level thumbnails will show the maximum number of badges you got on a match.

- A survival shooter like no other!
- One-finger shooter: you tap to shoot to move.
- Destroy the nightmare hordes, don't touch the creeps.
- Extra points for combos, when you get many monsters with a shot.
- 3 difficulty levels, 3 themes: Amazonia, Spider's Nest and Necropolis.
- 10 unlockable powerups, including the Fist of Might and the Edible Snail.
- Beat your friends' scores and challenge them on GameCenter!
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Anyone know?
09-07-2014, 08:01 AM
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Scores dont sync. I've played this game a few times offline, got my high scores, but they never got uploaded to GC even if im on a wifi circle already.

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09-09-2014, 04:24 PM
I see I got the achievement for 2400 on Necropolis. But not for 1200.

Just got 1200 again. Nope. Still no achievement.

This is why Game Center needs a re-sync button.
And for scores.

1200 again. Nope. Nothing. Even closed and opened app first and made sure the GC login "welcome back" thing showed up first.

Does it think it synced already? 😑

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