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03-16-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by New England Gamer View Post
I am curious to see what comes next so MAYBE I will continue but not at a frenetic pace I usually give these types of games.
I'm trying to stay curious, I am, but if something doesn't change significantly after I unlock Thunk, I'm going to have to delete this one and see what, if anything, future updates do to improve the lack of design before considering picking it up again.

Right now, I feel like I am playing a transportation chief sim with freemium timers.

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03-16-2013, 11:55 AM
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Temple Run Brave? That was a Pixar tie-in, not DreamWorks.

As for this game, it's really disappointing to see a company so successful in the premium games space to go freemium, and I hope that this isn't a sign of what to expect from Rovio in the future.

On a side note, the movie looks pretty bad. The characters are so ugly looking! Plus I don't think too many parents will be enthusiastic to take their kids to a movie called The Croods, because they'll think that it's loaded with crude humor they would rather not see. I haven't seen any of the DreamWorks movies past the mediocre Shrek 4, have they made anything good since?

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03-16-2013, 12:13 PM
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You think they shouldve just contacted Imangi and made Temple Run: The Croods instead?

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03-16-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by krisko6 View Post
Temple Run Brave? That was a Pixar tie-in, not DreamWorks.
Well that explains that, was getting the two companies confused

Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
You think they shouldve just contacted Imangi and made Temple Run: The Croods instead?
Perhaps, perhaps

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03-17-2013, 03:38 PM
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A light bulb went off last night that has increased my enjoyment of this game:

It's not, in spite of all appearances or even superficial trappings, a freemium builder, it really is a game where you're the transporation chief who handles coordinating the various parts of a multi leveled production chain to reach specific goals.

I had been bristling at the way the game seemingly holds your hand and limits choices until I got farther along and realized the "quests" here are less hand holding and/or time wasting freemium builder crap but more very specific and increasingly complex missions like Virtual City, only with a bunch of timers.

If you try to treat it like a freemium builder where you're just keeping all your stuff fed and happy you'll lose your damn mind because, played in that way, the game design fights with itself at every step. When you start approaching the goals as game levels to be beaten, you see what Rovio has tried to do here. I still say "try" because I am still at a loss as to why they took what is essentially a mission/level based time management game in the same pedigree as the non-freemium Virtual City games and then tried to clothe in the guise of a Croods freemium builder, but that's what they've done.

You have to look at what the task lists you have contain and consider how you're going to get them done, in what order, etc.. You literally can't do everything simultaneously, so you choose which buildings to run, which ones to let go fallow, how to raise coin for the next project, etc..

Which is all to say, I'd love to know the dirt on the development of this project. It looks like Rovio was doing something that might have been a lot more interesting then what got released when a bunch of suits insisted, "no, no, no, dumb it down, make it more like The Simpsons, we want donut money dammit!", so like a kid who found out the night before their project was due they were doing the wrong thing, they just shoehorned the existing project into the form of a freemium builder.

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03-17-2013, 05:36 PM
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Whatever way they built this game, they failed. I tried to give it a chance and kept it on my iPad for days - it gets very same old same old, very soon. Anyway, I'm probably not their target audience anyways, given the only Rovio games I liked were the horror adventures they released on J2ME phones around 2007...

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03-17-2013, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
Whatever way they built this game, they failed.
Well, that may be from your perspective, but is a top 10 free/top 100 grossing game, so I doubt anyone in a position to genuinely care agrees with you

I'm rather shocked it is top 100 grossing as I can't find anywhere to spend crystals past what they give you for any discernible reason. I guess there really are people who blow money to speed up timers and thereby explaining why the tactic gets used so often in spite of the highly visible complaints. I hit the first real pay or wait speed bump today when I got to the Crocopup and found a 10.6 hour build time for its home, guaranteeing that the mission I'm working toward now, which could have been completed around 3PM today as far as all the resources are concerned otherwise, will wait until tomorrow.

I can't call it a failure yet. It's been out less than four days and I'm still working toward freeing Thunk to see what that does to the game. The truth is that I can't call it anything beyond what it is: a highly polished, schizophrenic thing. The question is if there is enough to this thing to justify its existence or will it be like Molyneux's Curiosity where after a couple of weeks you just looked at it and shook your head figuring it will never be finished and wondered how many man-hours were wasted on making something so painfully slow and non-engaging.

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03-17-2013, 07:36 PM
C.Hannum said it correctly - you can't approach this game the usual way. I too find myself curiously hooked to see what happens in the game and have had to make conscious decisions to focus on some crops and not on others in order to complete tasks. It's a nice diversion without a whole lot of focus to be honest. Just work on the task at hand and move on.
03-25-2013, 11:59 AM
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Holy crap, this game has become some sort of endurance test I'm sticking with just because I told myself I was going to free Thunk to see if it did anything to change the game up...

On March 16, a whole 2 days since the game came out, I had already unlocked the second territory, had the "free Thunk" 3 part mission underway...

Keep in mind that I have played this game every single day. I haven't been super hardcore, heck no, game does not deserve or invite that, but I've kept up with it far more than any normal casual player would - checking in at least 4X/day, spending enough time in the game when I did check in to prime up whatever needed primed to run, and being very strategic about juggling the level up missions with the "free Thunk" stuff....

That was March 16th, NINE days ago. I still haven't completed step 2 of the 3 steps to free Thunk, and, based on everything I've seen so far, I'm guessing I'm at least another week off. And that's just the first character you can unlock, there's still three more after that!

Most frightening after slogging my way to get this far is that I'm going to have unlocked every animal that is in the game except 2 just to reach 2/3rds of the way to the first character unlock.

Either the game is going to change radically after that point, it's going to snowball to "completion", or they have tortures I don't even want to imagine coming up

And somehow in spite of how obvious a train wreck this game's design is (who the heck makes a casual tie in for a family film aimed at young kids and then makes it take multiple weeks just to get to the first new character?), it's still in the top 100 free and grossing.

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05-02-2013, 06:30 AM
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New update states that it contains new missions but there is none :S

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