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05-15-2014, 11:55 AM
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This is awesome stuff, simple but amazing at the same time.
05-15-2014, 12:23 PM
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I have this on Vita but I haven't played it yet. I'm glad it's on iOS now and the positive comments are nice to see.

05-15-2014, 12:55 PM
The price is too steep for my blood and I'm all for premium pricing... but a port of a clever platformer isn't closely equivalent with a massive RPG like Avernum or other ports like KotOR and Baldurs Gate.

I can get a better value elsewhere on iOS, unless I'm missing something massive.
05-15-2014, 03:14 PM
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Are there Game Center achievements? I'd gladly plunk down the $9. Thank you, Redribb0n, for posting the video.

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05-15-2014, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by DonnyDJ76 View Post
Are there Game Center achievements? I'd gladly plunk down the $9. Thank you, Redribb0n, for posting the video.
35 of them.
05-15-2014, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by DonnyDJ76 View Post
Are there Game Center achievements? I'd gladly plunk down the $9. Thank you, Redribb0n, for posting the video.
you're welcome. and yes there are 35 of them.

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05-15-2014, 10:28 PM
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I'm wish listing this, mostly because I have it on PS3 and Vita, but I can attest that on those platforms it is a great game, nice learning curve (actually pretty easy in the beginning), and a great art style.

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05-16-2014, 06:05 PM
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I am sure its worth $9 but So many people are waiting for the price to drop. Kind of proves its a touch steep. I will wait until it drops before i get it as well. Looks great & cant wait to play it, but its just a touch too high on price.
05-17-2014, 02:23 AM
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Just finished this one. The music and narration are awesome. I really enjoyed the first 30 levels or so, but after that it felt flat. The puzzles started to get more tedious than enjoyable, and the finicky physics didn't help. The beginning was so promising, but I was glad when it finally ended.

They introduced so many characters that the story became muddied halfway through. Also what is with the last 20 levels having nothing to do with Thomas. Am I missing something?
05-17-2014, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by coolpepper43 View Post
Wow, getting a huge David. and that dying cube game vibe. I wonder if it's worth the price? The reviews in the description has really piqued my interest.
What reviews?
This one?

The game looks absolutely beautiful on the Retina display...

As you guide Thomas and his friends throughout each level, a story unfolds, narrated by the ever-fantastic Danny Wallace (yes, that Danny Wallace, of Assassins Creed fame)
OMG the squares and rectangles have names! Even references!

If youve not played Thomas Was Alone previously, then youve certainly been missing a treat. For the uninitiated, Thomas is a pleasant puzzle platformer that follows the story of a rectangle and his other shapely friends as they unravel the very mysteries of their existence in a strange and unfamiliar world.
You read it, there's a fantastic story! Most needed!
Now, do you remember the last time a [most needed/forced/boring] plot nearly entirely killed a platform game by itself?
Yes, that was Super Paper Mario, yet that one had like a gazillion more things to play with under its coat than Thomas Whatever.

The controls handle brilliantly on the iPad.
No. They're an emulated D-pad. And like any emulated D-pad without any tactile feedback at all, they simply suck.

Thomas Was Alone is simply so accessible that my own mother could probably play it. Hell, my cat could probably play it.
Your cat isn't going to spend $8.99 on that. It has more common sense.

The hardships I endured throughout each level taught me that every obstacle can be overcome, and as the narrative unfolded I felt that these characters could just as well be real people, with actual personalities.

Emotion Engine strikes back.

Or perhaps you want to try this one?

The idiot hasn't even played the game since he doesn't know how to handle the text displays, and after something like a dozen seconds of "game", he claims he loves the art style (what?) and the musick (excuse me? that's music?).
Only to conclude, one second later, that "you can tell a lotta work was put into this."

I'm talented, I know, thx.

There. It took me about 2 to 3 minutes to bring you that: about 8 seconds to load photoshop, 15~20 seconds to produce the "art", then the rest was spent on deciding where to save this crap on my computer, then upload it and finally copy the link here.

Now that I've debunked these silly reviews, let me give my opinion so we settle this once and for all.

We're essentially dealing with an overhyped pretentious pseudo game with some "narrative" (to compensate for the lack of real stuff to do) that makes hipster wet. Even the trailer fails at promoting anything worthy. It is absolutely unoriginal, insanely bland and utterly basic on the visual side. Yet it gets heralded as gorgeous and whatever nonsense. Just effing primitives with real time sharp shadow tracing and most basic, crappy particle effects.
You don't need anything close to a retina screen for that.

The idea that this product even became a success of some kind really speaks volumes about the level of quality we get these days in the video game industry, as we're stuck between AAA and pretentious BS like that.
So nope, not worth it. Wait for it to fall below 0.99 $.

Now, do you want a real, fun and engaging platformer? Spare both your time and precious money and go try Mario bros on a NES emulator (or any copycat version available in flash) and tell me what you thought of it.
If you're looking for more puzzles, try out another game called The Lost Vikings.