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Deep Strategy on iOS? e.g. Hearts of Iron

09-14-2011, 09:38 AM
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Bump. I'm a big time, old school strategy fan. My tastes range from Civ to HoI to Spaceward Ho!, SMAC and X-Com. Saw Ascendancy recommended here multiple times so will check that out tonight!
12-04-2011, 05:26 PM
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3-month check-in.

Anything new?

12-16-2011, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
3-month check-in.

Anything new?
I just think iOS is not the platform for deep games: unfortunately we mostly find casual games for mass market
I'd also be interested if someone had suggestions, I had been a fan of so many strategy games on PC.
12-17-2011, 09:21 PM
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"European War 2" and "World Conquerer 1945" should be right up your alley.
06-06-2012, 05:43 PM
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6-month check-in.

Anything new, guys?
06-03-2014, 04:51 PM
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It's been 2 years -- anything new, guys?

Maybe a good business sim, too? Or a sandbox city builder? Maybe a remake of the original Railroad Tycoon?

Hopefully kairosoft isn't still the best available.
06-03-2014, 10:57 PM
What a sad state of affairs. Still, Starbase Orion is solid as are numerous board game ports, there's Transport Tycoon and Legion... plus the Slitherine stuff.
06-04-2014, 10:25 AM
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Panzer Corps
Panzer Tactics
Z the Game ( real time strategy with management )
Eclipse ( boardgame )
Palm Kingdoms 2 ( like old Heroes )
Autumn Dynasty
06-04-2014, 04:14 PM
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Just stumbled on this thread.
I second Autumn Dynasty, X-COM, Ascendancy, and Starbase Orion.
More down the tactics alley, but I highly recommend the two Ravenmark games.
And for a whole different kind of beast with longterm strategy and incredibly deep gameplay, give King of Dragonpass a try.
Uhr:Warlords is interesting as well, a bit like fantasy chess with more - and interesting - moves/options.
For a tactical/strategic thinking boardgame, Elder Sign:Omens .
And that's pretty much it, unfortunately...

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06-07-2014, 03:12 AM
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Battle for Wesnoth. [/thread]