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Why Doesn't apple add an App store for Apple TV??

01-09-2014, 05:49 PM
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I just want a working hdmi for lightning! Not the joke it has become. What the heck Apple? You most not like tvs!
01-09-2014, 05:58 PM
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Maybe this is the wrong place - but I wish Apple would offer an iTunes app for other vendor products, to load on my Sony blu-ray player or Samsung TV so I could better access some good deals I've found on their digital content that's otherwise so elusive for me to access outside an iDevice.

01-10-2014, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Peteostro View Post
You wouldn't be able to do IAP on an apple Tv app store??
Seems like every major console already does this
Exactly you'll just have IAP the same way, i mean i can rent/buy films/tv shows from my Apple TV, an app store would be exactly the same.
01-10-2014, 04:23 AM
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Yeah, all these arguments about why it wouldn't work are weirdly terrible. (It would kill the iPhone? They couldn't do IAP? Huh?) Not saying there isn't a good reason, but I certainly haven't seen it here yet.

I'm sure Apple will release an AppleTV (or just a TV) with an AppStore eventually. In the meantime, they aren't stupid. They've got their reasons for waiting, whatever they are.
01-10-2014, 04:57 AM
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Thats what i hope but then i look to see whats happening with those controllers and i'm so underwhelmed by it.

But no way would it kill iphones etc, theres room for it. If i'm at home (and have access to the tv !) then apps on my apple tv would be good, for a lot of the time gaming on my iphone/ipad is perfect (theres a lot of crap my wife wants to watch on tv !).

I think it would enhance the whole iOS gaming area
01-10-2014, 05:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Peteostro View Post
Umm why would you by an iPhone or iPad just for gaming? also like others have said mobile gaming
I bought my iPad for gaming alone, pretty much.
I don't like consoles because I prefer the portability of being able to move wherever I want around the house or even outdoors.

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01-11-2014, 03:55 AM
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They ll enter home gaming when they are sure to dominate market (or at least be one big competitor, they dont want to be a ouya)

To do this they need to introduce something really new, or re imaginated, like the so chattered new apple television.
Honestly I find difficult to imagine apple introduce home gaming with simply a minor upgrade of the apple tv