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Gravity Lab! by Mobile Snap

05-28-2014, 02:18 AM
My review playing a hour of a
early access to Gravity Lab

My first impressions upon entering the app was that it was very cheerful and smooth and clean design,
The first few levels were quite easy, but just as you thought that, the real fun begins ^-^
The point of the game is to collect 3 stars, by taking the main character and aiming towards many types of blocks,
They all move different and have different weight it seems, the main character can never touch the stars only the blocks ..
The game explains the block movement in game, though I hope to find that tutorial in a menu area later on, just in case you forget what does what..
The game is fun and challenging, colorful and cheery and the graphics are very well done smooth and bright..
The game plays out very well with physics, and is fun to see where everything ends up, hoping that last block you rammed into will float to the star..
There's IAP too and whatever you buy removes the ads but if you are short on cash you can watch videos for coins,
The coins go for the store in which you can buy all kinds of decor stuff mustaches to rocket, As you get further in levels get harder trickier add new things new blocks, from heavy to light to bounce pads..
Ads will pop up towards the higher levels they start coming in, this game is very well done and does not push much, so buying a ad package depending on the cost of IAP, (I'm using a early access code so I can't see prices)
Should not harm or dent the bank and plus it helps the developer if they want to ad more..
This is a must grab game it's fun and addicting like angry birds you will be going back to try to get all three stars and earning coins to custom your character, it's a high quality game and a must get when it arrives in the AppStore..
05-29-2014, 12:32 AM
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All promo codes sent! Thanks to those who wrote to us with your first impressions, very much appreciated! We are happy to hear all are enjoying it.

We will update this thread the moment the game is released! We also have a few more promo codes available right now. If anyone is interested, please PM us!

Thank you again for the support.

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06-06-2014, 12:55 AM
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Hello all,

Last week we officially launched the major update of Gravity Lab!

You can download now:


We thank you all for your support, and look forward to bringing you more updates!

Mobile Snap team