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08-10-2014, 07:21 PM
It's a different genre.. The battles are auto u just set the script up..
08-10-2014, 07:36 PM
Originally Posted by dotomchi View Post
I prepare to update version 1.01

Fixed minor bugs.
Added sorting item button in formation scene.
Added auto gathering items in battle.

Very happy to hear this!

I have two more suggestions:

1) If you delete the game, and reinstall you'll lose all previously saved data. So perhaps if you add a feature, where you login first, and then play could be helpful. So if you then delete the game, your save data would still be linked to the login.

2) It can be overwhelming, when you have a lot of items (e.g. weapons, armors, etc) in the inventory. And when you've acquired a lot of items, it can be tedious to figure out which ones are the better gear, to be used to equip your party members, and it becomes worse since you do have so many party members. To solve this issue, but many RPG's have a feature that auto-equip the best gears for you, so this feature would be nice if added to the game as well.

You stated you plan on adding an sort feature?

If so I have another suggestion, in case it's not planned.

So let's say the sorting feature, sorts all swords together. If this is done, I feel these swords should further be sorted by their level. This way you can then easily and quickly determine which swords are the strongest.

Again very happy to hear about the auto-gathering feature. I decided to quit yesterday, but will now play again due to this upcoming feature.
08-10-2014, 10:37 PM
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Reminds me of the battle prep / sequences in "Ogre Battle : March Of The Black Queen".

...without the generals view / strategy.
08-11-2014, 06:26 AM
01-15-2015, 01:01 AM
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Explanation of skills?

Hello. Is there any sort of explanation of the skills for each class? I'm having trouble assigning macros such as what skills heal, what revives, what cures status? For example, I don't know what each of the Priest's skills do so don't know what macros to set for them. Thanks!!