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Apple TV: Are there any tvOS exclusives?

02-09-2018, 10:28 PM
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Are there any tvOS exclusives?

Title says it all. I guess Beat Sports was (although now itís on Switch).

Question also should probably be are there any good exclusives.

Iím picking up a 4K mainly for video but figure if there are some different games I might pick them up.
02-20-2018, 12:31 PM
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VAST I think is ATV exclusive... not tried it yet though

02-25-2018, 04:36 PM
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Galaxy on Fire Manticore is an exclusive prequel to the iOS version
02-26-2018, 06:22 AM
F1 2016 mobile isnt an "exclusive" as such but the ATV version is the only one that has MFI controller support
03-08-2018, 03:28 AM
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There’s not many. Sadly I don’t think games on Apple TV is a huge consideration for lots of devs.

I’ve got tons of apps on my phone but I notice there’s only a few which are also on Apple TV. Still got about 120 or so on the TV so there are a few. Just not many exclusive. Think that would be commercial suicide for most devs
04-18-2018, 10:46 PM
Crossy Road is pretty cool, and I think they have some exclusively content for tvOS at least...
05-23-2018, 07:28 PM
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Manticore - Galaxy on Fire

Sort of an exclusive as it's a separate purchase from the iPad/iPhone, and has a slightly different name.

Manticore - Galaxy on Fire by FISHLABS