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03-19-2015, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by saosijs View Post
Good stuff! Honestly appreciated a lot!
No problem! Let me know if it helps in identifying differences to the GameCenter leaderboards!
03-20-2015, 10:51 PM
I just was checking that leaderboards issue (I was not playing), and suddenly the Total Score was synced! Now the last world I have played/improved shows "earned Wednesday" while the Total Score shows "earned 9 minutes ago", which is a bit weird, but I'm happy it synced!

Hmmm, playing now, and I see the same thing still happening: individual world scores do update, but the Total Score doesn't. The in-game scores all show correct, so it is the sync to GC of (only) the Total Score that somehow suffers
03-21-2015, 08:56 AM
Joined: Mar 2014
Location: London, UK
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Glad to hear it's generally working!

All of the changed scores are sent to GC when they change, so it could be GC filtering / ignoring them if it gets too many in quick succession? Not sure... at least you can see it offline now too!