App description: Face off against friends in this fast-paced action/strategy game. Draw back on your cannon to aim, release to fire, and tap to detonate. Use explosions to push your opponents off ledges and into holes. But be careful, every detonation can send you sliding!

Watch for the plane that drops fun power-ups and a few nasty surprises.

Your mission is simple: just dont fall in the hole! Last one standing wins!

5 quirky power-ups add new levels of strategy.
Bored with cannons? Grab a power-up box for a new surprise! Use the plunger to pull yourself across the map or drag an opponent into a hole. Teleport to safety, or use the bowling ball to create chaos.

Think youve got it mastered?
Different maps add exciting challenges! Earn your victory on moving platforms, opening doors, crumbling floors, a rotating hole, and more.

Other features:
- 1-4 players
- 15 character choices, including alien, ninja, teddy bear, astronaut, and more
- Tournament-style gameplay and rankings
- Great for kids and family audiences
- Better than a board game for parties, family events, and fun with friends
- 6 crazy maps available free with an additional 6 available to be unlocked

What people are saying:
Don't Fall in the Hole is a great addition to anyone's iTunes library, so head on over to the App Store and pick it up right away. Pocket Gamer, bronze award

Get some friends and party down with this fun iPad game. ArcadeSushi

Customer quotes:
My son and I love playing this game!
Great game to play with friends, it just keeps getting more fun!
LOVE this game! Ive played with my husband, friends and family. Great strategy, lots of laughs and yes, were totally addicted!

Sanuku's comments:

08-29-2013, 04:43 AM
if you select one player does AI automatically fill the other slots?

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