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App description: The Robot Queen was about to enslave humanity. But then the Prince, our seven-year-old hero, deceived her with cuteness and smashed her face. Now the victorious Prince is building a glorious new human nation, and he invites YOU to help!

Join Friends of the Prince, the Princes personal social network and the only source of information you can trust! If you are a good citizen, the Prince will reward you with power, which you can use to help improve the nations culture, economy, and security. Together, we will build a happy and robot-free world!

Friends of the Prince is a massively multiplayer social media simulator. You choose to like or dislike messages from the Prince, and all players choices combine to impact a shared game world.


-A new world from the creator of Nano Empire.
-A nearly unlimited* supply of inspiring messages from the awesome, noble, excellent mind of the Prince.
-Even more wonderful messages planned for the future.
-Multiple endings, chosen collectively by the community.
-Secrets (difficult, but not impossible like the secrets in Nano Empire).
-VoiceOver accessibility.
-iCloud save.

*That is, limited only by the Prince's intellect...

jsenter's comments:

Hi, I'm the developer of Nano Empire and I've just released my second game!

Previous coverage on TouchArcade: http://toucharcade.com/2017/12/08/fr...of-the-prince/

Game website: https://jksgames.wordpress.com/friends-of-the-prince/

I'd love to hear what you think!