App description: *** HALLOWEEN LIMITED OFFER! Hurry up and unlock your fearsome jack-o'-lantern zombie! ***

What would be the best way to escape if a zombie apocalypse happened? Flying with jetpacks, of course! After all, zombies cannot fly!

It seemed the perfect escape until a smart zombie created a jetpack made of mint candy and soda. Now the zombies can fly and are chasing the humans!

> ANNIHILATE infected humans and demented zombies
> SLICE dozens of enemies with the mighty sword
> EXPLODE missiles before they hit the humans
> UNLEASH THE POWER of the mysterious Pandoras Boxes
> DETONATE dynamites and cannonballs against the zombie hordes
> STRENGTHEN your powers on the store
> TEST YOUR SKILLS on the dreadful hard mode
> CHALLENGE your Facebook friends and find out who's the real human savior
> COMPLETE more than 25 challenging missions and GameCenter achievements

What are you waiting for? Let's SLAY some zombies!

Sanuku's comments:

05-24-2013, 02:18 PM
Zombie Slayer

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all comments. We are updating the game... Sorry about the Facebook Connect, we will rethink about it

By the way, we are not having as many sales as we would like, so we're thinking of a Free (OFF) Campaign for some days...

I will let you know about it.


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