• Publisher: Paul Lind
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 74.0 MB
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Price: Free
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App description: Whack-O-Wrestling is finally here, featuring 102 characters, some from your favorite developers. Pick a wrestler and battle your way up the ranks, keeping and using any wrestler you have defeated. Spend earned coins in the Toy Machine trying to win rare stat discs that will allow you to upgrade all of your wrestlers. Can you defeat and collect all 102 wrestlers?

FREE for a Limited Time!!!

+102 Characters to unlock

+Keep and play as any character you have defeated

+Upgrade discs to increase your wrestlers stats

+Win stat discs from the Toy Machine

+Characters from FDG Entertainment (Cover Orange, Captain Antarctica, Beyond Ynth)

+Characters from the creators of Yipe V (Kevin Kinell & Dylan Sisson)

+Characters from Joystick Labs (Saturday Morning RPG)

+Characters from Multimage (King Cashing)

+Characters from Orange Pixel (Meganoid)

+Characters from Berzerker Games (Super Fly)

+Characters from Honey Tribe Studios (Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse)

+Characters from Pine Entertainment (Pocket Army)

+Characters from Smuttlewerk Interactive (Nosferatu-Run from the Sun)

+Paul Livingston (Guitarist for the Trashcan Sinatras)

+GameCenter for High Scores

+Achievements equaling 1,000 points

+No Ads

+In app purchases optional, everything can be unlocked without iap

+Defeat and collect all 102 wrestlers

+Hours and hours of pure arcade fun
01-31-2014, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by twopiearr View Post
Here is some hopefully constructive criticism. I think this game is a good first step but isn't quite there yet.

PROBLEM: when my disk is randomly placed horizontally in line with a coin, it's almost impossible for me to get that coin.
SOLUTION: modify the random placement algorithm so that coins are always at a diagonal to the player in initial placement.

PROBLEM: the auto center camera often makes it impossible for me to see my targets - coin, can, or opponent.
PROBLEM: I can always get more power on a left-right move than an up-down one because of the autocenter.
SOLUTION: leave the autocenter as the initial camera placement, but allow the player to drag the playfiled around, possibly with a screen or button tap to lock the screen before enabling the pullback.

PROBLEM: after you've unlocked a dozen or so wrestlers, you will keep fighting the same opponents of errand over because the order of opponents is always the same.
SOLUTION: randomize the selection of opponents, or
SOLUTION: establish checkpoints every 5-10 opponents

SUGGETSION: more kinds of power ups.
Thanks for the post and for trying out the game.

1-I will for sure take a look at the camera once the bugs are taken care of in the first update.

2-As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will look at a check point system of some point. I am looking at every ten characters but need to test it out a little. I can't randomize the characters because they are in order of their difficulty. The idea was that you get a little further each time you play and then use the newer wrestlers to try again. Another set up I originally had was the ability to store energy drinks and then allow you to use them when needed. However, I didn't want people to be able to buy them (Toy Machine) and then get higher scores than people not spending money.

3-I can for sure look at power ups and will also be looking at adding more coins. The game is free, so I have to have a balance.

I appreciate the feedback and will consider everything you mentioned.


02-02-2014, 12:28 PM
Saw a mention of universal support earlier so I am hopeful! Please make this happen
02-02-2014, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by jbsib View Post
Saw a mention of universal support earlier so I am hopeful! Please make this happen

I am looking at the possibility of Universal support. I will know more as I try to update the camera in the iPad version as to how well WOW will carry over to the iPhone.

Bug fix update getting submitted this week.

02-05-2014, 04:31 PM
Update submitted to Apple.

Fixes Game Over Screen Bug/couple of other minor bugs.
Adds 5 coins back to every player.

Still working on couple of bugs and still considering some gameplay improvements based on feedback.
02-16-2014, 04:28 PM
Update was approved. There was a fairly wide spread hack for in game coins, so I released this update and gave every player 500 coins which is more than enough to unlock everything in the game. If you haven't tried the game yet it might be a good time to now.

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