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07-23-2014, 07:25 PM
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If you didn't love your shield-Outlander before, now is the time to come back to Phalanx Shield and give it another go. The latest Heroes of Steel update, v2.2.9, brings unique new abilities to Vraes' second defensive Talent, Phalanx Shield. Not only do you gain consistent Parry and Armor bonuses, your leading warrior is now capable of deflecting a flat percentage of all ranged attacks! At Level 1 Phalanx Shield, Vraes turns aside a massive 18% of all ranged attacks - arrows, knives, magic!

What's New in Version 2.2.9
- Improved balance of Phalanx Shield (+parry, auto-block % of ranged attacks)
- Improved balance of Stone Skin (+earth res)
- Improved triggers of waves in Siege of Gholla Outlook
- Improved balance of Nordhall Troll, added campsite to North Vault
- Fixed Quest Log issues: Excavation Site, Vlotgar at Hunting Lodge, lingering logs
- Improved Talent display on all devices, scrolling in list
- Restored Spear sales at Riven Field
- Area attack damage values no longer overlap in large crowds
- Improved Quest Log entries across the board, better location tags
- All monsters animate differently to be being hit or missed by an attack - over 40 new animations!
- Improved character art and backgrounds
- Fixed issue with repetitive Skip Intro

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08-07-2014, 09:46 PM
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The latest release of Heroes of Steel is huge! Both the Dueler and Leaderboars have dropped!

Read more about how to post high scores to the leaderboard here:

Kincaid brings 10 all new Talents and hundreds of new strategies to try within your group. Will he lead your group with his unflinching tactical eye and his Flanking Unity Talent the only Talent in the game to add large-scale Damage and Accuracy to the group. Or, will you making him a defensive stone-wall with Sure Parry, auto-blocking every attack thrown his way? Will he hurl throwing knives across the field, taking his enemies off guard so that his blades or your group can finish the job. Or, will he lead with Storm of Steel, the only Area of Effect Melee Attack! Needless to say, Kincaid brings all new possilibities to an already immense tactical landscape.

With Kincaids arrival, all 8 characters are now in the game and there are 16 possible group combinations. Which will you play today?

What's New in Version 2.2.15
- Rank your Score on the new Leaderboards today
- Dueler now available - bladesman combining speed and finesse; new for $1.99
- Visit an inn or Way Station to post your best score to the leaderboards
- Classic leaderboards for all, ironman leaderboards for "no death" groups
- Fixed melee area of effect attack for Dueler - Crippling Strikes, Storm of Steel
- Fixed map bugs, quest log issues, dialog typos
- Fixed display of Holy damage in Talent detail box
- Added thrown weapons to the game - Dueler only
- New unique combat talents including Sure Parry - Dueler only
- Fixed display issue with Phalanx Shield Auto-block
- Fixed Gates of Gholla Outlook bug, duplicate weapons in shops

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09-22-2014, 08:52 AM
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Hey there Fallen, Im very glad all the characters are there so we can choose our favorites.. I still think it would be a great feature if you would change the characters on the fly... playing a chapter with a team and then another...

Its a great game but if the only way to try the different chars is to play over and over again the same part of the story.... thats no good... just my 2 cents...
Today, 12:49 AM
Am I losing it, or were the expansion characters on sale too earlier today?