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I just wanted to add to what JVuentez said.

First, some (most?) Infinity Gear has TWO abilities

Fragarach - Recovers 1% of HP every Second AND Decelerates enemy by 50% for 3.0 sec with a 15% chance

Gandivam - 60% range attack within a radius of 120 AND Additional 150% damage inflicted with a 30% chance.

However, the Messiah only has the single ability.

Originally Posted by JVuentez
- I basically do what TRB4 does as well. The only exception is that I also produce Balmung in the Warrior shop. To make them requires only 4 pieces of quest items (though 2 are in the most difficult stage). This is the best profit for the least amount of questing. You can also have them continue to produce for more than a day, so its always producing.
The Balmung is by far and away the most profitable item in the game and is what I eventually plan on manufacturing exclusively at my Warrior Shop once I can actually survive Area V to get the Materials for it. I was making Grand Shields because they have a really good profit margin, but making Mithril AND Orihalcon takes a really long time because they're made at the same place. So I switched to Mithril Shields because it is much quicker to make Mithril and Steel. But once I can make Balmungs, it's Balmungs all the way.

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I was incorrect in how I assumed using the "Craft Again" option worked. It DOES NOT give you a 2nd copy of the item. Instead it only re-rolls the bonus attribute on the item. For example, I created a Cold-Blooded Gandivam and then paid 20 jewels to "craft again" and I received a Lucky Gandivam. When I when to go equip my new weapons I only had the Lucky Gandivam. So the "craft again" option only allows you to try for a different bonus when creating a weapon, but you MUST keep whatever the second result is. Definitely not worth it in my opinion.

Oh well, back to grinding for legendary items to burn at the Alchemist's house while waiting for another 1.5 million gold.

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I'm enjoying this game so far. It's a good time waster.

Sooo..who wants to be my friend??? My ingame name is "Retro". Not sure if that's what ya need to search for though.

Btw...TRB. I assumed your ingame name was same as your gamecenter name and it appears that it is...but you have too many friends so I couldn't send an invite

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Well that's it, I think I'm done. The lack of a confirm screen when spending jewels on crafting materials combined with the outrageous price of materials has finally soured me on playing anymore.

I literally just accidentally spent 60 jewels on 10 Steel Ingots! 6 jewels PER Steel Ingot?! Seriously?!


I know that it is mostly my own impatience and stupidity that has allowed this to happen not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! But I am still upset. To date I have spent 90 jewels on materials that would have only cost me a couple thousand gold and about 20 minutes of my time, TOTAL.

I really think that the premium currency prices are really out of whack. I mean to completely finish all construction in ANY building it costs 1 jewel PER item in the queue, regardless of that item's construction time. Therefore 90 Twigs which would take 12 minutes to complete would cost the same amount of jewels to finish as say 90 Battle Suits which would take 54 HOURS to complete. Honestly I think that the cost to instantly finish something should be based on total time not total quantity.

But alas all of this is now a moot point. The game has long since become a total boring grind-a-thon and I am no longer enjoying myself. I hope that the rest of you have fun for as long as you can, but I'm out.

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Just got into this game 2 days ago and was hoping for the best. Seems like people are leaving more than staying so to say. I tend to like this game much but am able to get things correct like how to earn more gold for upgrades and so. Dont really know all the function yet (just started playing). Am hoping someone can help here. Currently at level 15, nearly online non stop. Added a lot of friends thru the function but only 9 accepted me. Hoping more and more people will stay rather than leave. GG